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Contemporary Design Makeover Tricks To Give Your Living Room

Have you ever taken one look at your living room space and made a mental note of giving it a makeover? You probably stumbled on this page while searching for some home design trends that you can quickly incorporate to transform the appearance and feel of your living room.

While there several popular home design styles to choose from (mid-century modern, modern farmhouse, Hollywood regency, Scandinavian home design), none of them embodies the comfortability and subtle sophistication that is Contemporary design.

In this article, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about modern contemporary design, and how to infuse it in your living room.

What Is Contemporary Design?

Literally, the words ‘contemporary design’ means current home design, but its popularity can be traced to an earlier time. Back in the ‘70s, interior designers and indeed homeowners wanted a fresh take from the popular home décor trends that long existed.

This birthed a home design that ‘borrowed’ inspiration from several home designs such as modernism, art deco, futurism, deconstructivism, mid-century modern, and even Scandinavian home design.

And as the world opened to the endless possibilities of the 21st Century, modern contemporary designs evolved with incoming interior décor trends and has now become a popular theme amongst homeowners today.

Contemporary home designs are an ever-changing design trend, incorporating new elements every now and then into an existing backdrop. However, this design maintains minimalism while exuding richness in the details.

How to Infuse Contemporary Design In Your Living Room

If your living room is in dire need of a makeover, practice these useful contemporary design tips to transform it.

Work with cool colors

Often times, people think that a living room must don bold colors to appear contemporary. This reality is that this isn’t the case. Contemporary designs are punctuated by the quiet, cool colors and shading schemes that are not ‘loud’.

To pull it off expertly, you should make use of neutral colors such as cream, brown, taupe, beige, and the convectional white and grey colors. Your living room should maintain plainness and simplicity even though sophisticated and complex undertones peek out once in a while.

You can opt to paint your living room walls with an accent color that is neutral in nature.

Infuse metal accents

Living rooms styled to maintain contemporary design features a lot of metal accents. Chrome, nickel, and stainless steel are typical examples of metal accents you can infuse in your living room. Look out for accents such as lamps, shelves, art pieces, and even furniture that has a metallic feel to incorporate. 

You can extend the same accents to your kitchen by making use of steel appliances. You can even take it a step further by using stainless steel as a bathroom faucet.

Add some texture

To create that texture and feel that is a contemporary design in your living room, make use of fabric that provides a balanced contrast to the metal accents. Fabric such as linen, silk, crushed velvet, or wool is highly recommended.

Declutter your space

Living rooms styled to look contemporary do not feature too many items on the spaces or tables. Take a look at your living room and remove any item you have no need for.

Incorporate simplistic and smooth furniture

Modern contemporary home designs feature furniture that is simple and smooth. Do away with furniture that is too loud and flashy.

Very light or dark wood tones

When it comes to choosing wooden furniture to pull off the modern contemporary design, make use of very light or very dark tones. Every wooden furniture in your room must maintain the same color tone throughout.

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