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Hollywood regency style

Everything You Need to Know to Create the Hollywood Regency Style in Your Home

Everything is subject to change; including home designs. And while homeowners are constantly searching for creative ways to revamp and transform their indoor and outdoor living spaces, they are open to a truckload of home design ideas to choose in their homes: mid-century modern, art deco, beach house design, modern farmhouse, Scandinavian home design, etc.

Albeit, more attention is now being paid to the home design that changed the way we looked at movies: Hollywood regency style. Here, we are going to walk you through everything you need to know about this design and how to incorporate it into your home.

What is Hollywood Regency Style?

Hollywood regency style is an interior design idea that can be traced to the ‘30s—otherwise known as the Golden Age of Hollywood. During that time period, there was stiff competition amongst movie producers and an endless struggle to outdo themselves in their movie productions.

Some of them decided to bring something extra to the screen—so to speak—by designing their set locations with elegance and luxury in mind. As viewers and spectators saw these movies, they were impressed with the detail in the designs, and like wildfire, Hollywood regency style spread and inspired a lot of home décor transformations.

What’s to love about Hollywood Regency Styles?

There are several reasons why a lot of interior designers and homeowners are now infusing this design in homes. Some of them include:

  • It’s a lovely design for people looking to incorporate classy details with varying touches of modern accessories.
  • Everything about the design reeks of freedom; the freedom of the homeowner to express themselves as much as possible.
  • It is not only retro, but it’s also timeless. 50 years from now, there’d still be people infusing this style in their homes.
  • This home design is relatively cost-effective to implement in comparison with other home designs.

How to create Hollywood Regency Styles in your Home

Now that we’ve brought you up to speed about this unique retro design, how do you infuse it into your home? Follow these simple steps.

Glam, glam, and so more glam

Everything about the Hollywood regency styles spells glam. From the texture, accents, down to the texture of your living room and bedrooms, it must reek of glamor and pride.

Incorporating this home design requires you to make some significant changes to your home. Unlike other home designs, Hollywood regency is tilted towards core maximalism. So, when you begin to think you’re overdoing it, chances are you’ve only pulled it off expertly in your home.

Maintain a central color scheme

One of the reasons why Hollywood Regency styles are in all our faces is the evident fact that while several features stand out separately, they feature a central color scheme.

The best way to achieve this is by using colors of high contrasts combined with the natural and alternative lights to punctuate focus on the room. The focus being decorative pieces and unexpected elements to create visual variety for anybody walking into these spaces for the first time.

While it is important to use bold color palettes, it is important for them not to be over the top.

Less focus on the furniture

One central theme in the Hollywood regency style is that it is more focused on the ‘drama’ and less on the furniture. Thus, Hollywood regency furniture is seemingly less-scale in the overall design process.

To pull this off, you need to invest in indoor furniture that is not only glossy but blends smoothly with other backdrop elements in the room. The focus is on the elements and décor on the room and not on the furniture.

Hollywood regency style is evidently easy to incorporate in your home. Now that you’re armed with the aforementioned tips, get started!

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