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Six Awesome Small Bedroom Ideas

Six Awesome Small Bedroom Ideas

One would think that it would only stand to reason that decorating a small bedroom or coming up with even small master bedroom ideas would be easy.  Not very much space to have to fill would only stand to reason would mean simple.  Well, not so much.  In fact, more often than not, coming up with small bedroom ideas for decorating can prove both daunting and exasperating for many.

The goods news is that the process doesn't have to be frustrating or stressful if you follow just a few tips and tricks we have gathered for you to use that will work great for the decorating of any small space.

Make A Statement With Your Ceiling

Many small spaces can benefit significantly from the use of the appearance of elevation.  To achieve this process, try placing some colored polka dots on the ceiling.  This patterned ceiling technique will work exceptionally well in those small spaces with a sloped ceiling or one that is odd-shaped.

Another small bedroom idea to make a small space look bigger is utilizing a lighter color of paint on the ceiling than on the surrounding walls.  The use of a hue that compliments, yet contrasts, the colors of your wall can work towards achieving this effect.

Mounted Bedside Lighting

Many may not realize it, but one light can make a small space feel even smaller.  One of the most commonly made made mistakes is the use of one light in a small space.

If you either do not have enough space or the lighting you are using is too small, try the small bedroom idea of mounting your lighting at your bedside or from your ceiling.  By mounting the lighting to the walls over, or beside your bed, or utilizing a ceiling light, you will be able to free up valuable space on the surrounding floors.

Opt For A Murphy Bed

More floor space gives the feeling of more space overall, and as such, the use of a Murphy bed is perfect.  Not only does it quickly free up your floor space, but it has been a preferred solution for creating space where it is at a premium for decades.  This is a great small master bedroom idea, as, during the day, you will have more floor space when you need to use it the most.

White Is Your Friend

When choosing to go with an all-white color palette, not only will it serve help create an atmosphere that is both fresh and bright, but the lighter color aids in creating a feeling that a smaller space is more sizeable.  If you would also like a sense of warmth in the area, mixing in soft cremes and off whites will achieve this goal.

Bolder Is Better

Maybe going the route of light and white isn't for you.  No problem!  Take a walk on the bold side, and try featuring both brighter hues and patterns that pop and grab your attention.  In actuality, with bolder colors and patterns, the eye is more distracted from the small space size.

Use All That Space

We saved the most important tip for last—use every square inch of space possible.  In a small area, any space is like premium real estate, and as such, it needs to be used as efficiently as possible.

One means of using that space is by way of storage under the bed.  This areas is one that many overlook and is an untapped wealth.  To make use of this area, you could use wheeled boxes, drawers, shoe organizers, or even storage bags—anything and everything that gets what you need out of the main floor area and freeing it up.

As you can see, there ae just a few ideas for small rooms that can give the feeling of being more significant than they are.  With a little ingenuity and perseverance, you will soon have a cozy, small bedroom that doesn't feel small at all.


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