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Want A Resort-Style Bar? You Need These Pieces From Panama Jack

It doesn’t matter if you plan on having an indoor or outdoor bar area at your home, you’re going to want to make sure you pick out the right furniture unless the bar will forever look incomplete. Don’t forget, you want to satisfy your guests with this bar, just as much as you want to satisfy yourself -- so you might as well go all out!

In the modern world today, most families are looking into resort-style bars and for good reason. They’re beautiful, they make your backyard feel more like a vacation hideout, and it’ll impress the guests and anyone else you have over to the house.

Below, we’re going to take a look at some unique and creative ways to turn your bar into a resort-style bar extremely easily!

The Making of a Resort-Style Bar

When designing a resort-style bar, there are three main areas you’ll need to focus on -- furniture, lighting, and decor. If you can find a way to make those three areas represent a resort, then you’ll be living in paradise -- literally!

The furniture is going to be the most important, but don’t worry because Panama Jack has a wide range of collections to choose from. They have a tropical look to them, which is perfect for the resort-style we’re going for.

Let’s take a look at some of their more popular collections, all of which can be found at The Porch Swing Store: 

1.  Panama Jack Onyx Collection

The Panama Jack Onyx collection is the more modern collection of the three we’ll show you. It features more black than anything, but utilizes white to accent the black frame. If you’re looking for some slick Panama Jack patio furniture, this is it. 

This collection features everything from a Panama Jack chair to a sofa, coffee tables, pub sets, Panama Jack barstools, end tables, chaise loungers, and dining sets. You can definitely fill out your resort-style bar with this Panama Jack patio furniture. 

2.  Panama Jack Millbrook Collection

Next on our list is the Millbrook collection, which has more of a wicker basket look to it. It’s also more brown than it is black, which is important to note. It more resembles a traditional look, but this Panama Jack patio furniture is sure to make you feel like you’re on vacation.

This collection features Panama Jack barstools, chairs, sofas, loveseats, coffee tables, end tables, and dining sets. You won’t get any of the chaise loungers, but you can find some in other collections that will match. 

3.  Panama Jack Mykonos Collection

Our third and final collection is the Mykonos Collection, which is a much simpler design than the other two. For those that like the minimalist design, this is perfect because it will still give you that resort-style bar you were looking for.

It features all-white Panama Jack barstools or a Panama Jack chair to match. The sofas are white, the loungers are white, and the tables are white. If you like white, this collection is for you. 

Now that you’ve got your Panama Jack patio furniture all figured out, it’s time to start putting the rest of your bar together -- the lighting and decor. Panama Jack won’t have much to offer here, but you can definitely find everything else you’re looking for at The Porch Swing Store.

We provide everything from mirrors to lights, hammocks, swings, and various planters to introduce some green to your resort-style bar. Check out our online store today to view our products and contact us if you have any questions! We can’t wait to help make this resort-style bar a reality!

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