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Give Your Lighting A Modern Edge With Lighting from Zuo Modern

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Give Your Lighting A Modern Edge With Lighting from Zuo Modern

Homeowners might not think about it when designing the interior of their home, but the lighting plays an essential role in setting the mood of each room. If you’re interested in a more of a modern look in your home, then you should consider looking at collections from Zuo Modern.

Zuo Modern is one of the most popular, unique, and creative lighting collections found at The Porch Swing Store. It provides a wide range of designs and can help you create an amazing interior by providing the right amount of light in all the right spots.

Since there are so many options to choose from, we’re going to help you out by discussing some of the more popular designs we have in store. We have everything from ceiling lamps to floor lamps, so you won’t get bored with our selection.

It’ll give you some good lighting ideas and get your creative juices flowing so you can further dive into their collection, so let’s get started!

Zuo Modern Floor Lamps

First, let’s discuss some of the amazing floor lamps this collection has in store for you. These go great in any room and help add light wherever the ceiling lights don’t do enough work. Due to the styles available, they’ll also help add to the appeal and attractiveness of the room.

Here are three of our favorite Zuo Modern floor lamps found at The Porch Swing Store: 

  1. Zuo Modern Galactic Floor Lamp - when you look at a fishing pole that just got a huge bite, that’s what this floor lamp reminds us of. It’s sleek, stylish, and unique.
  2. Zuo Modern Savoy Floor Lamp - for the artists and creative people out there, this can be used as the perfect centerpiece and looks like a majestic star sitting in your room.
  3. Zuo Modern Cosmic Floor Lamp - similar to the first one we discussed, but this one branches off into five different lights. The branches move, too!

These are truly some modern floor lamps to add to your home, especially the Zuo Modern Galactic Floor Lamp. They each embody what everyone likes about the pizzazz that comes with modern furniture. If you’re someone who likes this style of contemporary lighting, you’re going to love the ceiling lights in our next showcase.

Zuo Modern Contemporary Ceiling Lights

Floor lamps are great, but you also need to match those with some Zuo Modern contemporary ceiling lights. With the right lighting combinations, you’ll have lighting wherever and whenever you need it in your home.

Let’s take a look at our three favorite ceiling lights from the Zuo Modern collection: 

  1. Zuo Modern Brixton Ceiling Lamp - if you were a fan of the star-like design of the second-floor lamp we discussed, this is the perfect match for it.
  2. Zuo Modern Dunk Ceiling Lamp - what we like about this one is it comes packed with six lights in a unique, but simple design. It’s perfect for a modern home.
  3. Zuo Modern Kendrick Ceiling Lamp - if you’re a fan of wicker basket style furniture or beach house design, this ceiling lamp would match well in your home.

We’ve discussed a lot of neat designs above, both floor lamps and ceiling lamps. Finding the right combination is difficult, but the professionals at The Porch Swing Store make it easy for you. We can’t wait to help you complete your designs.

With our long list of lighting available and amazing customer service, you’ll find the perfect lighting for your home. Contact us today to get started with your interior design shopping spree and see what The Porch Swing Store has in store for you.

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