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Zuo modern furniture

Interior Design Ideas If You Love the Glam Look

The interior of your house means a lot to you. It’s what you spend all day cleaning and keeping organized, so it looks nice for yourself, the family, and any guests you invite over. It’s where you get to unwind and be yourself after a long day of work. 

With the amount of time you spend inside your home, it’s essential you have furniture and decor that you absolutely adore. The last thing you want is to come home to furniture you ‘sigh’ at in disbelief. You should be proud of the interior of your home! 

Whether you just bought a new home or are looking to spice up your current home, Zuo Modern furniture and decor can help you reach the level of glam you were hoping to achieve inside your home. 

With plenty of options to choose from, we’re going to break down some of our favorite Zuo Modern designs. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with these, too. 

Check Out Zuo Modern Furniture

Zuo Modern is most-known for their furniture, which provides a glamorous, yet simple look that will have your guests impressed. We’re going to look at a couple different sofas and chairs from the Zuo Modern collection, as well as a Zuo Modern coffee table that will help bring the room together. 

Let’s take a look at the sofas and chairs first: 

  1. Zuo Modern Grant Sofa - the Grant sofa has a boxed/square design to it with deep buttons that give the back a unique look.
  2. Zuo Modern Providence Sofa - for a much more unique look, the Providence sofa has more of a rounded style to it and has a scaled texture to it. Definitely a statement.
  3. Zuo Modern Campbell Chair - the Campbell chair is another boxed design that comes with a detachable back cushion. It makes the perfect addition to either of the sofas above.
  4. Zuo Modern Father Chair - for those that really like to kick back, the Father chair has a simple and minimalist design to it and comes with a matching ottoman.

Once you have your furniture picked out, you’ll need to start finding the perfect Zuo Modern coffee table to match. One of our favorites that would go with the Zuo Modern furniture listed above is the Zuo Modern Verona Coffee Table. It’s black and gold, bringing out the glamorous style we all love so much. 

Finding New Zuo Modern Decor

Now that you have your Zuo Modern coffee table and matching furniture picked out, you can effectively start to fill in the rest of your interior with decor. This is the fun part, where you really get to bring out you and your family’s personality.

Below, we’ll detail three of our favorite pieces of decoration for the interior of your house -- all from Zuo Modern! We’ll show you a lamp, a mirror, and a figurine to help bring some variety to your home. 

  1. Zuo Modern Halzey Lamp - this floor lamp has a modern look to it that looks more like a fishing pole when you have a big bite. It’s definitely unique and beautiful.
  2. Zuo Modern Abani Mirror - this round mirror consists of a series of cone shapes that form a circle, giving it an abstract look. It’ll certainly be an eye-grabber. 
  3. Zuo Modern Matrix Figurine - this figuring looks more like a trophy or an award. It comes in blue or gold and would match your furniture perfectly!

Now that you have everything you need to get the interior of your home started, you can begin to feel much more comfortable in the place you spend so much of your time. It’s a wonderful feeling, so be proud of yourself!

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