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Backyard games for kids

Fun Backyard Games For The Kids To Play This Fall

As the warm air of Summer draws to an end, Fall is just around the corner. And while regulations are in place to mitigate distant travels to sightsee some awesome locations in the country and around the world, everyone is at home.

And while going to parks and beaches are not recommended for you and the kids, you can turn a part of your home into a fun park. Your very own backyard is right there.

With the right outdoor games, you and your kids are bound to have a thrilling experience at your backyard.

What are those fun backyard games you should organize for this fall?

Balloon Stomp

Balloon stomp is one interesting backyard game your kids will definitely love. All you have to do is hide interesting prizes (candies, coins, paper notes, etc.) inside inflated balloons and pack them together. Sit back and watch your kids jump up and stomp hard on the balloons to claim their prizes.

Balloon stomp isn’t just an outdoor game, it’s an exercise that will get their hearts thumping. And that’s a good thing.


If you have a paved walkway at your backyard, now’s the time to put it to good use. Grab chalk and draw out sections for the game and show them how it's done like a boss. You can sit back and watch them go at it while you prepare lunch for them.

Lawn Bowling

Another backyard game you should introduce to your kids this fall is lawn bowling. You can order a set of bowling pins and arrange them on the lawn. Get a ball and tell them to roll!

Sack Races

Pull out this classic game from your bag of tricks. Sack races aren’t just for summer alone; they are all-season outdoor games as long as your lawn is dry. Sacks races are bound to exude hearty laughter from everyone as the kids struggle to move their sacks from one point to another.

Check around if there are potato sacks available for the game. If they aren’t, you can make use of sleeping bags.

To make it more exciting, the adults can join in the races. Allow the kids to win, will you?


Another backyard game you should totally throw in the mix is Bocce. What you’re going to do is quite simple: You place a Pallino (a small ball) on the grass and give out bigger balls to the kids. The kids, one after the other, will have to try to get their balls close to the Pallino.

The person whose ball is closest to the Pallino is declared the winner of that particular round.

Ring toss game

Ring toss is a classic outdoor game that the kids will enjoy playing. Grab a crate of bottles and some small plastic rings. Give the rings to the kids and tell them to throw it in a way that it’ll hook around a bottle.

It’s a fun game that requires skill to win.

Treasure hunt

An outdoor game played at the backyard isn’t complete without some good old treasure hunt. Before the set day, sketch the entire outline of your home on cardboard, indicating where the clues that will lead them to prizes are hidden. Ask them to work together to find the hidden treasures and make them split the bounty afterward.


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