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Halloween crafts for kids

Halloween Crafts that Your Kids Will Love

Halloween comes with a lot of fun fare beyond trick or treats. We get to see children and adults doing their best to imitate a comic superhero, people in real life or fantasy creatures.

It is a season for you and your kids to reveal unique crafts on the day. Because it is an occasion that happens once every year, it is important for you and your kids to unleash your creativity into making crafts before or on Halloween. Quite frankly, there’s a high possibility that a lot of persons will be making the convectional pumpkin craft and jack-o-lanterns. You should think of something different if you’re planning to host a Halloween party at your home.

Halloween Craft For Kids

As Halloween draws closer, it is important to create the perfect arts and crafts for kids, to foster an unforgettable experience for them. Below are some ideas you can implement.

Paper Plate Spiders!

Create the spookiest of Halloweens with this unique idea of paper plate spiders. All you need to do is cut a couple of straws and tape one of them to a paper plate. It is important to twist the free ends of the straws to make it look like actual feet.

Don’t forget to make out the eyes in the plate. The creepier the better.

Create pumpkin stress balls

This is so simple to create and hang around in your sitting room before Halloween night. Get a couple of balloons and fill them with rice. Tie the lid, get some markers, and let your creativity flow. You can even ask the kids to draw their favorite monsters on it.

Splatter paint pumpkins

Splatter paint pumpkins are so easy to pull off. Ask your kids to paint the pumpkin (fake or real, it doesn’t matter). When they’re done, create a splatter mixture by mixing different acrylic paints together.

Put the tip of a craft brush into the mixture and tap repeatedly on the pumpkin. When you’re done, you’d see you made something beautiful for your kids.

Crayon Drip Pumpkins

Do your kids have old crayons lying around? Halloween presents an opportunity to make good use of them.

To pull this off, all you have to do is remove the old crayon wrappers and melt them preferably with a hairdryer set to low. As the crayons crumble down to melt, pour it around a pumpkin and leave it to dry. Voila!

Creative candy drawstring bags

Halloween is a day for you and your kids to show their creativity with their Halloween bags. What you need to do is mix water into acrylic paint and use a craft brush to tap the paint on your kids’ drawstring bags.

Ghost Garland

Let the ghost roam this Halloween by crafting the perfect ghost garland you can hang on your living room. Get started by tracing a ghost drawing on the top of a folding paper and cut out the shape.

Ensure that you connect the drawings contains arms that will connect all the other replicated drawings.

Spooky cat designs

Increase the spookiness of Halloween for your kids by crafting a spooky cat. Buy plenty of colored cardboard papers and trace the shape of a cat’s head on all of them. Punch small holes on where the cat’s eyes should be and place small string light on them.

Finally, hang what you have created in your kids’ rooms. They are bound to love it.


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