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Don’t Miss These 5 Restaurants in Parkersburg WV

Don’t Miss These 5 Restaurants in Parkersburg WV

If you’re struggling to figure out where you want to take the family this year, we’ve got the perfect city in West Virginia to consider. Nestled away right where the Ohio River and Little Kanawha River meet is Parkersburg WV -- a city that’s also right on the border of Ohio and West Virginia.

The city was originally founded as Newport in the late-1700s, but was renamed Parkersburg in 1810 after Alexander Parker -- the man that was granted the land for his service in the Revolutionary War. It was largely known as a center for gas and oil during the boom.

Today, Parkersburg is the fourth largest city in West Virginia and is the county seat of Wood County. It’s home to 29,000 amazing residents that are ready to welcome you and your family to their historic city.

Planning a Trip to Parkersburg WV

If you plan on flying into Parkersburg, you’re going to want to fly into the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport, also known as the Wood County Airport. It’s about 12 miles from Parkersburg and has easy access via the WV-2 S and WV-68 S -- or the I-77 S.

If you wanted a more scenic route and don’t mind a longer drive, the North Central West Virginia Airport is about 80 miles away (east in WV) and the Rickenbacker International Airport is about 110 miles away (northwest in OH).

Once you land, you’ll need a place to stay when visiting Parkersburg. For a hotel near both rivers, The Blennerhassett Hotel is an excellent choice. There’s also a Quality Inn by the Grand Central Mall and a Wingate further North of that.

Places to Eat in Parkersburg WV

Whether you plan on getting started with the festivities right away or want to take a quick nap before the real excitement begins, you’ll need some quality places to fuel up. Luckily, Parkersburg is home to some of the best restaurants.

Here’s our list of top-five restaurants in Parkersburg WV: 

  1. Rubi’s Pizza and Grill - get a taste of the best pizza in town when visiting Rubi’s, located on the corner of Old US 50 and Liberty St.
  2. North End Tavern - nicknamed ‘The Net’ in the area, this tavern has been a tradition since 1899, serving handcrafted brew and pub fare.
  3. Marietta Brewing Co. - a mainstay in the Parkersburg area, this restaurant is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week by the Ohio and Muskingum Rivers.
  4. Parkersburg Brewing Co. - another historic brewery in the Parkersburg area, this is one you simply can’t miss when looking at restaurants in Parkersburg WV.
  5. Stoked Coffee - if you’re looking for your new favorite place to get a cup of joe, Stoked Coffee is the place to be.

Now that you know all the best places to eat in Parkersburg WV, you’ll receive the full experience when visiting this amazing city. Food is one of the most unique things you’ll learn about a city and is one of the most exciting things about traveling.

With all your newfound knowledge about planning a trip to Parkersburg, where to lfy into, where to stay, and where to eat, you can now safely and effectively prepare for one of the best vacations you’ll ever take. Whether you’re with friends, family, or by yourself, you’ll have plenty to do.

As a quick suggestion, we recommend visiting Greater Parkersburg, the Oil & Gas Museum, and Fort Boreman Park. If you have time, Blennerhassett Island is always a top attraction in the city and is located near the hotel.

With that being said, we hope you enjoy your trip and get to explore everything you set out to see!


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