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Weekend in Memphis TN

A Weekend in Memphis, TN

If you’re in the mood for some weekend vacation at somewhere new for a change, grab your notepad and write Memphis, Tennessee. Located along the Mississippi River in Shelby County, Memphis has known the world over for its powerful connection to Rock N Roll and Blues.

But there’s so much more to know about the great city, and its commonplace to see visitors trooping in their numbers to visit and stay for a couple of days in Memphis. For a weekend visitation, below are some of the hotspots you should visit in Memphis in 48 hours.

A visit to the National Civil Rights Museum.

Kick-off your adventure in Memphis, TN with a trip to the National Civil Rights Museum. This famed edifice is located inside Lorraine Motel—the very motel whose balcony Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968.

In there, you’d learn and know all about the incredible history of the civil rights movement. You can also learn about MLK’s involvement in the struggle against segregation of black people before his unfortunate assassination.

In its walls, you’d find a massive collection of photographs, newsprints, exhibits, and visual arts depicting the civil rights revolutionary movement. You’re bound to have an exhilarating experience there.

Take a trip to Sun Studio.

One of the best landmarks in the whole of Memphis is the famous Sun Studio. Established in the ‘50s, a lot of musical heavyweights have once recorded and performed in his magnificent edifice. Some of them include Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Orbison, Carl Perkins.

It was in this very place the legendary Elvis Presley pelt his voice and got recognized by the owner of the studio.

Get munching at Central BBQ.

A visit to Memphis, TN isn’t complete without a walk to one of the best and popular eateries in the city. This is where most of the youths hang out, so the atmosphere there is quite different from the rest hotspots in the town.

Some of the dishes include smoked wings, cheddar cheese, nachos, jalapenos, pork shoulder, potato chips, and lot more finger-licking delicacies. You can explore Beale Street afterwards.

Visit Graceland, Presley’s home.

A visit to Graceland, the magnificent building that once housed Elvis Presley is a must for any visit spending the weekend in Memphis. When Elvis kicked off his incredible musical career, he lived in this very building, and long after his death, it was converted to a museum for visitors to have a peek into the legend’s life.

You’d be exposed to Presley’s famed costumes, cars, gold records, exhibits, and many other personal effects. If you visit in the month of August, you should engage in the Elvis Week—a string of concerts celebrating the evergreen legend. You’d also get to watch movies and exclusive interviews about the life and times of Elvis Presley.

Chill at the Shelby Farm Park.

While your weekend vacation in Memphis hasn’t elapsed, you can visit the Shelby Farm Park, a dazzling urban amusement park to have the best experience. This spectacular place contains several events centers hosting different shows, playgrounds for kids, a dog park, and a restaurant where delicious treats are served.

You also have the opportunity to paddle, kayak, canoe, and engage in pedal boating with your friends and family members.

See the Memphis Pyramid.

Often regarded as The Great American Pyramid, the Memphis Pyramid is the third largest pyramid in the world. The complex in which sits on features a sporting arena that currently hosts the NBA team of the city, Memphis Grizzlies.

A couple of iconic musical stars have performed in this wonderful arena. Some of them include Mary J. Blige, Garth Brooks, Hank Williams, and even Eric Clapton. This complex also contains some retail stores you can purchase a couple of eye-catching memorabilia.

You’re bound to have an unforgettable experience when you spend a weekend vacation in Memphis.

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