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The Best Things to Do in Kentucky

Strategically positioned between Indiana, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Missouri is the great southern state of Kentucky. For most lawn owners, the state is known for its enviable Kentucky Bluegrass. For visitors and adventurers, there are so many attractions in Kentucky. It’s easy to see why people every year visit in their huge numbers.

Whether you’re spending a vacation or planning a short trip just by yourself or with a group of adventure seekers, the state of Kentucky is home to several parks, relaxations spots, and waterfalls. Did we forget mentioning Kentucky Fried Chicken? No, we didn’t.

Whenever you venture into Kentucky, here are some of the best things you can do here.

Visit the Kentucky Derby Museum.

Located along Churchill Downs, 704 Central Ave, the Kentucky Derby Museum is a must-see place when you come into the state. Dedicated to the beautiful horseracing sport, you can learn all about the history of the sport. There are so many exhibits and visual arts showcased inside the facility.

You’d also get a close-up experience on how these horses are bred and trained till they become Derby contestants. The facility also includes a theater where you can watch some exclusive and popular derby events. There’s a cemetery nearby to honor past winners of the Kentucky Derby. You should check it out.

Enter Fort Knox.

Perhaps the most guarded place on earth, Fort Knox is located along Fayette Avenue, right in Kentucky. This place is home to the Army Human Resources Command, Accessions Command, and Cadet Command.

Most notably, Fort Knox is where the United States Bullion Depository is located. This is where the Department of the Treasury’s gold is stored. Here, you can all so much more about the different tiers of the armed forces.

Fort Knox also contains exhibits and displays including a collection of weapons crafted by Leonardo da Vinci himself and the Remembrance Walls. Special events held at Fort Knox includes the Veterans Appreciation Day Car Show.

Take a tour inside the National Corvette Museum.

Located in Bowling Green, the spectacular edifice of the National Corvette Museum is the one place you need to visit in Kentucky. This facility is where America’s Sports Car is manufactured.

On your visit, you’d get a chance to see up to 80 different Corvettes produced throughout the course of its inception. You’ll also see prototypes of Corvettes that are still in production and some highly-prized classics.

Close to the museum is the NCM Motorsports Park where you race a Corvette with other visitors. If you’re lucky, you can catch one of the many racing events held there.

Visit the Creation Museum.

Located in Bullittsburg Church Road, Petersburg, the Creation Museum is just the perfect spot to know and learn about biblical history. This museum contains a garden primed to look like the biblical Garden of Eden, a planetarium, a replica of the Tower Of Babel, and so much more.

If you’re lucky to come around during Christmas, you and your family can take a stroll through Christmas Town—a section of the museum filled with nativity scenes.

See the New Capitol Building in Frankfort.

The New Capitol Building, located in Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky is yet another place to see when you visit Kentucky. This spectacle of the building was designed by famed architect, Frank Mills and completed in 1910.

A visit to this Administrative building offers you the opportunity to see the various art pieces displayed inside. Some of them include the Lincoln statue located in the rotunda and the collection of dolls belonging to America’s First Ladies.

Visit Kentucky Lake

A visit to Kentucky isn’t complete without a trip to the biggest lake in the entire eastern region of the Mississippi, Kentucky Lake.

This massive lake, located along the Tennessee River, boasts of a 64,900-hectare body of water stretching to neighboring Tennessee. This lake is notable for fishing buffalo carps, yellow perch, and white bass. Water sports are also held there.

Close to the Kentucky Lake is the Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park and the Kenlake State Resort Park where you can go and catch some fun.

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