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Places You Must See in Huntington, WV

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Places You Must See in Huntington, WV

West Virginia boasts of several amazing cities you should visit whether you’re planning a weekend vacation, a road trip, or a staycation. One such city is Huntington WV, the county seat of Cabell County.

Huntington WV, bustling with life and activities, is the largest city in the whole of the West Virginia-Kentucky-Ohio area. You’re bound to have a swell a time you do visit Huntington WV because the city offers a lot of attractions you can’t get enough of. The hotels in Huntington WV will also make your visit worthwhile with premium customer service that you will love. 

Things To Do In Huntington WV

There are several places and activities you can engage yourself in when you visit Huntington. Some of them include:

Visit Pullman Square

Located around Ninth Street, Pullman Square is a unique edifice you need to see when you pay a visit to Huntington WV. This spectacle is an outdoor relaxation and dining plaza where visitors and locals alike can go grab lunch.

Some of the stores sighted at the square include Cold Stone Creamery, Starbucks, Sheep Burritos & Brews, Chico’s, The Pottery Place, Edible Arrangements, and lots more. Marquee Cinemas 16 is a movie theater you can go to see recent releases and classic blockbusters.

Huntington Museum of Art

Since its official launch in 1952, the Huntington Museum of Art (formerly Huntington Galleries) located along McCoy Road, is another place you must see when you visit you Huntington WV.

This museum is dedicated to promoting and safeguarding culture and arts. In its wall, you’d find revolutionary and invaluable art pieces, some of which belong to natives of Huntington.

The museum also offers several workshops and classes throughout the year, teaching people how to use clay to produce masterful art pieces. Another class session also breaks down all the tips involved in photography and painting with watercolors.

Go to Harris Riverfront Park

Situated at W 3rd St, the Harris Riverfront Park is one of the parks of Huntington you should check out. This park offers guests spectacular views of the Ohio River, featuring an amphitheater dotting the river gleaming under the sun.

If you’re in luck, you can catch a concert or several live events happening there, as the park can be rented to host small and major events. It also features a smattering of playgrounds for kids to have a swell time.

Inside the park is the Ambrose Trail—a hiking trail that leads to a much larger exercise area. You should check it out.

See Heritage Station

Located along Eleventh Street, Heritage Station stands magnificent, offering locals and guests with munching attractions. This place, which was once used as Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station, now houses a unique array of shops selling different delights.

 If you’re into yoga, there’s a studio for yoga you can visit. Also, the premises are shops where coffee, bistro, cheese bar, wine, and craft beer are sold.

Red Caboose—an art gallery and souvenir shop is also sited on the complex. For visitors, there’s a bureau where you can walk in and ask questions about the history of Heritage Station. 

Visit Huntington Mall

Your visit to Huntington WV isn’t complete without a trip to Huntington Mall located along Mall Road. This massive shopping center holds the record for being the biggest shopping complex in the whole of West Virginia, featuring over 140 retailer shops.

Whatever you’re hoping to purchase, it’s right there. Retailers include shops selling toys for kids, clothing for all ages, electronics, shoes, bags, jewelry, and lots more.

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