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Planning a Trip to Jackson, Tennessee? Read This First!

Planning a Trip to Jackson, Tennessee? Read This First!

Nicknamed the Hub City, Jackson is a quaint city in the state of Tennessee. It got its nickname because it was home to a plethora of railways that spread in every direction -- like the wheel of a bicycle. This made it a center for transportation back in the old days, but it was long known for its cotton production before that.

Jackson was also known for being the home of Rockabilly music, one of the earliest forms of rock and roll music that sprouted in the 1950-60s. Carl Perkins, who was a major artist in the music scene, called Jackson his home. He would eventually work with Elvis Presley.

With so much history to explore in Jackson, Tennessee, it makes for the perfect field trip for school or even a family trip with the kids. There’s also some beautiful parks to enjoy, as well as a few wineries for the adults to engage in some activities away from the kids.

If you’re planning a trip to Jackson, Tennessee, we’ve got some things we think you should know. You might be wondering, “Where is Jackson, Tennessee?” or “What are some things to do in Jackson, Tennessee?” -- either way, we’ve got the answers you need!

Where is Jackson, Tennessee?

Jackson is located just 70 miles east of Memphis. It’s the second-largest city in West Tennessee, with Memphis being the other, and is the county seat of Madison County.

Taking up an area of nearly 58.31 square miles, Jackson can be found west of Lake Graham, with the west of Jackson running along the South Fork Forked Deer River. There’s easy transportation throughout the city, with Highway 412, Highway BP 45, and Route 412 taking you everywhere you need to go.

If you’re flying into Jackson, Tennessee, you’ll want to fly into the McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport. It’s located to the west of the city, but you can take Airways Blvd. down to the Highway BP 45, which will give you access to the rest of the city. It’s about a 5-mile drive to get to the Highway, and then another 2-3 miles into the heart of the city.

What is the Population of Jackson, Tennessee?

If you were wondering what is the population of Jackson, Tennessee, it’s currently home to over 67,000 residents. Though it’s not the largest city in all of Tennessee, Jackson is in the top-ten and is listed at No. 8 -- in addition to being the second-largest in West Tennessee.

In terms of population, the only cities with larger populations than Jackson are: Franklin, Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, and Nashville. It’s also important to note that Johnson City is extremely close behind Jackson, with only a few hundred residents making the difference.

Things to Do In Jackson, Tennessee

Now that we have a better idea of where is Jackson, Tennessee and how dense the population is, you’re probably wondering what are the best things to do in Jackson, Tennessee.

If you’re interested in seeing some history, you should definitely check out the Casey Jones Home & Railroad Museum. Casey Jones was a famous railroad engineer from Jackson that was killed when his passenger train collided with a stalled freight train. There’s also Rusty’s TV & Movie Car Museum, which is neat for the kids.

As far as parks and nature go, Jackson is home to the Cypress Grove Nature Park, Fairgrounds Park, Muse Park, and Liberty Garden Park. You don’t have to go to all of them, but they make for perfect all-day activities for the family. As for the adults, the Crown Winery and Century Farm Winery are big hits.

Now that you have a better idea of what Jackson has to offer, don’t hesitate to start planning a trip to Jackson, Tennessee -- you’ll be thanking yourself later!

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