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Everything You Need For An RV Trip to Kentucky

One of the most fulfilling, rewarding, and exciting ways to take a family or solo vacation is with an RV -- you simply can’t go wrong. It allows you to get a full look at the city or cities you visit and open the door to so many possibilities.

While there are a million different places you can take an RV, Kentucky is one that should definitely be on your bucket list. It’s a bourbon-lover’s dream, horse-fanatic’s heaven, and nature-enthusiast’s safe haven. There should be nothing keeping you from checking out this beautiful state.

One of the most popular cities in Kentucky to start your RV trip is Louisville. Home of the Kentucky Derby, Louisville is located on the border of Kentucky and Indiana. If you were interested in exploring Kentucky, this is the perfect place to start.

Better yet, we’re going to detail everything you need to know when taking an RV trip to Kentucky -- including finding the best RV rental Louisville Kentucky has to offer, what you can expect for RV rental prices, first time RV rental tips, and must-see nature spots in Kentucky. 

Looking at RV Rental Prices

Finding the best RV rental Louisville Kentucky has to offer requires a bit of online searching, but there are plenty of rentals out there. If you want the best one, you’re going to need to consider a few things. 

First, you’ll need to look at the RV rental prices. Most of them range from $90-$150 per night, which isn’t too bad when you consider what you’re getting. Once you find a few prospects in your budget, you’ll need to make sure it can fit enough people since you’ll all need somewhere to sleep. 

Apart from the size, you’ll want to check the features of the RV and make sure it contains everything you’ll need. Refrigerator, freezer, sink, bathroom, pop-out shade covering, and much more can make your RV experience much more comfortable for you and your family. 

First Time RV Rental Tips

For anyone preparing for their first RV trip, we completely understand if you’re a little flustered. There’s a lot of planning that goes into a successful RV trip and it’s difficult to maintain the excitement throughout the entire trip. 

Here are a few first time RV rental tips to ensure you have an exciting time from start to finish: 

  1. Plan ahead and make sure every detail is accounted for. Make lists, write things down, create a schedule, do whatever helps you stay organized and prepared.
  2. Always tour an RV before renting one, even if it’s a virtual tour. Descriptions can be deceiving and just because it says it sleeps five doesn’t mean it’ll do so comfortably.
  3. Practice driving the RV before hitting the open road. It’s much more different than driving a regular car and requires a certain set of experience.
  4. You’re going to run out of gas much more quickly than you’re used to, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on it frequently.

Other than that, the biggest tip we can give you is to kick back and relax. The more planning and preparation you do ahead of the trip, the more enjoyable it will be when the trip is in full force. 

Must-See Nature Spots in Kentucky

Now that you feel a little more confident in yourself, it’s time to start picking out where you want to go and what you want to see when taking the RV through Kentucky.

When in Louisville, you can’t miss the University of Louisville, the Kentucky Derby, the Louisville Zoo, Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, and the Muhammad Ali Center. You’ll also want to travel to Lexington to see the University of Kentucky, Kentucky Horse Park, Keeneland Association Inc., and the Arboretum.

Of course, there’s so much more to explore and you’ll have to pick the sights that excite you the most. Hopefully this gives you a good place to start when planning your RV trip to Kentucky!

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