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Here’s Why You Need to Visit Kentucky This Fall

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Here’s Why You Need to Visit Kentucky This Fall

While we are in the summer season, fall is slowing creeping on us. If you’re planning to travel during fall, now’s the time to set things in motion. And while you’re at it, there’s no better time to add Kentucky to your list of states to visit during the fall season.

Famously known as the Bluegrass State, Kentucky is located at South Central, bordered by West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, and Indiana. While you may have other places in mind to visit this fall, this article will show you why you need to add Kentucky to the list.

Why do you need to visit Kentucky? There are several exciting places and things to do there. We’ll be looking at some of them.

Pay a visit to the Newport Aquarium.

It’s the first thing you’ll see on Aquarium Way—a spectacular edifice that houses the Newport Aquarium. This aquarium is open to both locals and visitors all year. It features 70 exhibits and over 13 galleries packed with a lot of engaging activities that everyone would love to be involved in.

It also includes 5 tunnels that feature thousands of animals from around the world. You and your family have the opportunity to explore Shark Central, Gator Alley, Kroger Penguin Palooza, the rainforest, the Amazon amongst other things.

See the National Corvette Museum.

If you’re a sucker for the Corvette sports car, head over to the National Corvette Museum located at Bowling Green. There, you’d see how the famous car is being produced. You get to an opportunity to see the over 70 different Corvette manufactured at different points of American history.

You also get a chance to see prototypes of Corvettes that never got ridden ever. Close to the Museum is the NCM Motorsports Park—where visitors can get into a Corvette and race others. Interesting, right?

Visit the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY.

Located on North Sixth Street, The Muhammad Ali Center is a magnificent structure dedicated to the life and memory of the boxing legend. It is a cultural center and museum whose sole purpose is to equip visitors with information about the life and times of Ali and his lifetime core values which made him who he was.

The center showcases Ali’s accomplishments inside and outside the boxing ring, and how he helped inspired people from around the world. A plaza and amphitheater are also included in the center. In your spare time, you can watch clips of Ali’s greatest fights.

Take a trip to the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Site.

Another reason why you need to see Kentucky is the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Site. This is a series of locations that honor the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

While you’re there, you can explore the very First Lincoln Memorial designed by John Russell Pope.

Visit the Creation Museum.

Situated along Bullittsburg Church Road in Petersburg, the Creation Museum is a state-of-the-art facility that guides locals and visitors through some amazing biblical history. This museum also includes botanical garden fashioned to look like the famed Garden of Eden.

It also includes a petting zoo, a replica of the Tower of Babel, a zip line adventure, and a planetarium. If you’ve got kids, they’d loved every bit of the visit to this place.

Explore Fort Knox.

Fort Knox is popular for one thing; it is the famous location of the US Bullion Depository. But it is many things. This place houses the Army Human Resources Command, the Accessions Command, and the Cadet Command.

This museum is filled with several educational and historical artifacts the showcases the various arms of the US Army. Inside Fort Knox lies a collection of weapons designed by Leonardo Da Vinci himself. A visit to Kentucky isn’t complete without a trip here.

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