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Healthy Fall Soup Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

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Healthy Fall Soup Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

Its that time of year again, when the nights turn crisp and nature prepares for winter.  It also means that it is the perfect time to start looking ahead to comfort food with the cooler days—and what better comfort food than a nice warm bowl of healthy soup. We have put together a list of six of the best fall soup recipes that are not only cozy, and healthy, but are sure to give you a nice warm feeling through and through.

Butternut Squash Soup

Nothing will give you that cozy feeling of fall like butternut squash soup.  With only six required ingredients, many of which are sitting in your pantry already, you can whip this one up in no time.  The secret to this soups flavorful fall feeling is, obviously, the squash.  After having been simmered in chicken broth, then pureed gives this soup it's trademark rich and creamy texture.

Italian Wedding Soup

This healthy soup has been around, well ever since I can remember.  However, have you ever wondered how this delightful dish got its name?  Well, if you ask chef Giada, of the Food Network, it has to do with three ingredients—the tender meatballs, the spice endive, and the light chicken broth.  She says that they incorporate together so well, almost as if married.  She has her own sugar-free take on the recipe that will prove to be friendly to your waistline.

Healthified Broccoli Cheddar Soup

No, you read that right—this broccoli cheddar is healthy.  But how can this be?  By way of swapping the traditional additions of heavy cream and tons of cheese, with that of evaporated milk and a small portion of extra sharp cheddar cheese.  What is left is a soup that is not only comforting but also filling and will not wreak havoc on your waistline.

French Three Onion Soup

Just writing that makes my mouth water!  For any French onion soup, the most crucial part is the perfect caramelizing of the onions.  Their sweet gooeyness is what defines this soup.  The trick to keeping this recipe healthy is to steam the onions first, reducing the amount of butter that needs to be used.  You will have the same flavors, but with less fat.  Make sure you go light on the cheese, as a little sprinkle will do.

Lemony Orzo Chicken Soup In A Jar

Quite simply, the most convenient and best fall vegetarian soup recipes on our list.  This soup is packed with veggies and is the perfect lunch desk dish.  It is easy to make, and the bright flavor of lemon will give you that extra boost to power you through the day.  A bonus with this one—you can portion the meal out into grab and go containers.

Simply Chicken Soup

I saved the best fall soup recipe for last.  A time tested and true delight, who can forget grandmas homemade version. If, however, you find you do not have the time to make her version, you can create your own in a little under an hour.  Just throw together some store-bought chicken broth and water, throw in some veggies and a rotisserie chicken, and when almost done throw in some rice if desired.  In very little time at all, you have a low-fat, filling dish that is nearly as good as how you remembered grandmas.

And there you have it--ix of the best fall soup recipes that are not only healthy for you but are sure to keep you warm and cozy on those crisp evenings of fall.

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