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what are zoodles

Six Ways To Enjoy Zoodles This Week

Let me start this article off by saying I am an avid gardener.  And anyone who has gardened, and has ever planted zucchini will tell you that it is one very overachieving vegetable.  One day you look at your plant and nada—nothing.  The next, you feel like the little green darlings are mounting a coup.

It is in times like this when I have beautiful green zucchini completely covering my kitchen counter that I take to the internet to see how I can use it all—I mean a person can only eat many loaves of zucchini bread—am I right?  That is when I happened upon the term "zoodles."  Having no recollection of having heard this term before, I think to myself, "what are zoodles?"

Zoodles is a word that is an amalgamation, or mash-up if you will, of two entirely different and separate names:  zucchini + noodles = zoodles.

Zoodles is not only a low carb alternative to regular pasta noodles, that when incorporated with other favorites, can create some downright tasty dishes.  We'll now look at a few dishes that incorporate zoodles into the ingredients.

Pesto Walnut Noodles

For this recipe, you won’t need one of those fancy spiralizer or expensive appliances.  With the use of a simple mandolin slicer, you can have strands of zucchini closely resembling your run of the mill spaghetti noodles.  Once you have your zoodles, you can choose to saute them in a little oil to give them a softer texture.  You will then toss them with a pesto sauce and top them with chopped walnuts.

Zoodle Lo Mein

This may not be what many would consider traditional Chinese, but instead of takeout, why not satisfy your craving for Lo Mein with zoodles?  Packed with all the flavor and spices of conventional Lo Mein, you will not be able to tell the difference.  And if you happen that certain family member who shuns vegetables, this is an excellent way to incorporate them into their diet, and not have them object quite so much.

Caprese Salad With Zoodles

An authentic Italian classic, who can deny a crisp and refreshing Caprese salad?  With the added convenience of being extra simple to substitute zoodles, your plate will come alive from the vivid colors and fresh taste of the vegetables.  Add a splash of balsamic vinegar, and you will feel as if transported across the sea to the land of love and simplicity.

Chicken Zoodle Soup

Who could turn down mom’s chicken noodle soup as a kid?  Now, you can recreate the same soup, but instead of noodles, substitute zoodles.  It will still give you that warm feeling down inside, and help to drive away from the chills of a cold winter day.  And, who is to say you won’t start your own soup tradition with your crew.

Shrimp Scampi With Zoodles

Ever since I can remember, shrimp and scampi have gone hand in hand--they are an undeniable match made in heaven.  Traditionally served on a bed of spaghetti noodles, this dish works just a well on a bed of zoodles instead.  The use of lemon works to bring the shrimp scampi and zoodles together in perfect culinary harmony.

Zoodles With Grape Tomatoes

I have saved my favorite, and the best, for last.  I find this to be one of the most delicious dishes, and it won’t work to wreck my diet.  For myself, I take some cut up grape tomatoes, tossed in with some zoodles, a little Italian dressing, and topped with grated parmesan.  My oh my!

As you can see, incorporating zoodles into most dishes that call for traditional pasta noodles results in a delicious meal.  The zoodles work to complement most sauces and spices, and as a side benefit, they are low carb, low calorie, are good for you, and will not put your diet on the backtrack.  Why not try a dish or two tonight, and you will find that you and your dining companion(s) will be pleasantly surprised.

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