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DIY Lego Tables Your Kids Will Love

DIY Lego Tables Your Kids Will Love

The word LEGO is no stranger to any parent the world over. Kids are a sucker for Lego toys and bricks, and it comes as no surprise that we must’ve either stepped or vacuumed them every once in a while. 

It is important, therefore, to keep your home organized by creating DIY Lego tables where your kids’ toys will be kept. Lego tables are just the perfect furniture to arrange, showcase, and store your kids’ toys. Plus, it makes finding these toys super easy. 

The best part of it all is that no matter your skill level, you can make these DIY Lego tables. To make the project more engaging, you can involve the kids, or surprise them with it during special celebrations. 

Here are some DIY Lego tables you can construct for your kids. 

Revamp your old coffee table

Remember that old coffee table that is receiving dust in your basement? Now’s the time to convert and transform it into a Legos table that your kids will love. You will need the following to get started: 

  • Old coffee table
  • Paints 
  • Stitch marker. 
  • Lego baseplates
  • Size 6 Drill bit 
  • Size 6 wood screws 

Dust off the table and properly sand it to create an even surface area. The next thing you should do is paint the entire surface and wait for it to dry before drilling the Lego baseplates into position. 

Depending on what you want to achieve, you can mark sections of the table for road tracks and paint them in place using a stitch marker. After that is completed, you can then stack your kids' Lego toys on the table. 

You can opt to map out the entire surface of the table before putting the baseplates in place.

Make use of your side table. 

One of your side tables can be revamped to be a safe haven for your kid’s toys. What you need is the following:

  • Ruler
  • Side table 
  • Painter’s tape 
  • Exacto knife 
  • Lego Baseplates 
  • Laminate cutting tool. 

Place the Lego baseplates on top of the side table and tape it down using a painter’s tape. Mark out excess parts of the baseplates and use an Exacto knife to properly cut them out. Take out the baseplates and spray the surface of the table with a spray adhesive. 

Wait for at least 30 minutes before carefully sitting the baseplates on the table. You can use a laminate cutter to cut out any other excess baseplates overlapping on the table, and you’re good to go. 

Convert their old metal lunchbox.

Got some good old metal lunchbox lying around? Transform it into a Lego storage. You’ll need the following to get started. 

  • Lego baseplate
  • Sanding sponge
  • Scissors
  • Mounting square. 

The first thing to do is cut the baseplate to fit into the lid of the lunchbox. Using the sanding sponge, trim the corners to make them well rounded and smooth. Apply a mounting square on each corner of the baseplate and press it hard on the interior of the lunchbox to ensure a good stick. 

There you have it. Your kids are not only going to love it but it will definitely keep your home organized without having to step on those bricks no more.

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