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Person - Camping at Home: Fun Ideas for Your Backyard

Camping at Home: Fun Ideas for Your Backyard

Camping at Home: Fun Ideas for Your Backyard

A camping exercise is an uncomfortable experience, especially when it is done with loved one all around, taking pictures, engaging in fun games, huddling around a campfire to listening to horror, and so on. 

Once in a while, everyone wants to relive such memories and make brand-new ones. But the times may not always be favorable for such camping trips. So, what do you and your family do when you can’t hit the road together?

You make use of that untapped piece of land staring at you all this time: your backyard! 

Get your itinerary, and camping tools and bring that experience to the back of your home. The Porch Swing Store outlines some fun ideas you can carry out while you and your family camp at home. 

Pitch a tent 

Your kids need to see how serious you are about camping in the backyard. A tent will easily bury any doubts they might have. Grab your camping tent from the basement or garage and set it up on your lawn.

Install string lights 

Installing a string light at your backyard will transform the private camping into a magical experience. Install posts at strategic points around where you have mapped out for the tents and string the lights around the posts. 

Make a camping firepit

Camping is never complete without a campfire lighting the scenery at the dead of the night, and roasting marshmallows you all listen to a story. If you already own a firepit outside, all you have to do is arrange your outdoor furniture around the pit. 

If you haven’t, well, get to work. 

Prepare a cocktail. 

Camping at the backyard requires hydration and lots of it. Now’s the time to test your cocktail skills and try out some refreshing recipes. You can also buy beer for the adults. 

Set up a ring toss stand

Camping at the back means everyone must engage in some healthy and family-friendly games. Ring toss is one of them. 

You can set up a ring toss stand and assign prizes to the winners. 

Make a bug repellant 

You can’t stop mosquitoes from making occasional appearances on your camping experience. However, you can keep them at bay with a natural, non-toxic bug repellant. Mint, sage, and lavender are all you need to make it happen and keep your family from malaria. 

Engage in a backyard game

Another fun idea to carry out in your backyard is to engage in several games. You can bring out the board games and sit on the lawn to play, or engage everyone in a game of frisbee, cornhole, croquet, Jenga, race, soccer, and lots more. 


If the backyard is the proposed campsite, it is only right to set up a grill stand and BBQ into the night for dinner.

Watch a movie. 

Why not take the experience up a notch by watching a movie together? Grab several bedsheets and spread them on the lawn. You can also set up a sound system for viewing pleasure and experience. 

Try out some new delicacies. 

Everyone is looking towards something special when camping. You can take advantage of the fact that the house is close to the campsite and whip up a delicious meal for everyone. 

Camping at your backyard is a whole new experience by itself. You can make it even more interesting by trying out these camping ideas.

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