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Furniture - How to Maximize Your Closet Space. 

How to Maximize Your Closet Space. 

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Have you ever taken one look at your closet stuffed with clothes, bags, and shoes and still think you’ve got nothing for wear for that party, road trip or date? Have you ever shuddered at the horror that lie in combing through your stuff to select the right clothes to wear?

The fact is, you’re not alone. A small closet packed with plenty of stuff does that to the best of us. Studies have shown that the smaller the closet space, the more tasking it is to be organized. But even celebrities with walk-in closets also battle with this oddity as the rest of the majority with small closets. 

But with the right organizational tips, you will be able to maximize your ‘crowded’ closet with enough space left to breathe. The Porch Swing Store highlights how exactly you can make that happen: 

Remove undersized/unused clothing

The first tip to maximize your closet space is to purge it from clothes you no longer wear or don’t fit you anymore. A lot of people still hang on to clothes that are undersized. The reason most times is usually in the lines of “Just seeing them will inspire me to lose weight.” or “I don’t like the idea of tossing away old clothes.”

The reality of it all is that you can only wear clothes that currently fit your size. In other to maximize the closet space, you should remove those clothes and store them somewhere else or donate them to a charity. You can make extra cash on the side by pawning them off. 

Either way, your closet will thank you for it. 

Take away every clutter

Closets that are often stacked with dry cleaned clothes inside their nylon wraps often take up more space. Another way of maximizing the space in your closet is to remove these clutters to free up more space. 

For convenience, you can remove every unused hanger or leave a few of them in one spot for easy detection. You can opt for hangers that are thin in size, so you can hang more clothing inside your closet. 

Make use of wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are a great way to declutter a closet space. You can store your shoes, workout clothes, jewelry, and even pajamas in a wicker basket, as it would create room inside the closet. 

Make use of the floor space. 

When the closet is packed with so many clothes, the bottom space is underutilized. A unique of maximizing your closet space is to arrange the short-hanging clothes on one side of the closet, with the long-hanging clothes on the other side. 

This open room at the bottom of the closets which you can keep a shoe rack. 

Double your closet level.

Doubling the level of your closet is another cool way to maximize its space. That way, you’d have more levels and more clothes. 

You can achieve this by creating more shelves within the closet, freeing up more space for more wears. 

Make use of the closet doors. 

One useful way to maximize the space of your closet is to carry out to make use of the closet door. You can nail hooks to the door to hang handbags, belts, pajamas, and loungewear, freeing up the main closet.

A closet space that is properly maximized reduces the time spent searching for what to put on. The aforementioned tips are guaranteed steps to organize your closet size.

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