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Human - Take Better Photos with These Easy Tips

Take Better Photos with These Easy Tips

Are you looking to get into photography? It’s an amazing outlet to showcase anything you can think of. It can be just a hobby or you can make an entire career out of photography if you know how to capture the perfect moment. If this is a new venture for you, let me make it a little easier and show you the ropes. You can take better photos with these easy tips I’m about to share with you. Are you ready? Let’s dive in! 

Take Pictures Everyday

One of the best photography tips I can give you is to shoot pictures every day. This will help you learn about your camera and the best photos to take with it. Photography is an art which means that no one is “perfect” at it because it is subjective. But you can become skilled in taking amazing pictures with ease. It could be a portrait, landscape, or micro shot- it doesn’t matter. Just practice every day and fall in love with the art itself. 

Understand Lighting 

Another top photography tip for beginners is to understand lighting and positioning. This is important in any kind of photography because the lighting can change the entire feel of the image. If the light is behind the subject, the subject will be hard to see. If harsh light is on the subject the exposure will be blown out. You can understand lighting better by photographing a subject from every angle. This will show you exactly what it will do in the image so you can avoid this mistake in the future. 

Check the Background

A great portrait photography tip is to pay attention to your surroundings. If you’re taking a wedding or senior photo, your client will be upset if there is a garbage can behind them. Before you snap an image, check the landscape. See if there are certain things to avoid or even use as a prop or texture in the background. A natural landscape is your oyster as a photographer so pay attention to it. 

Be Patient

This is a vital photography tip for beginners- be patient! No matter your subject or time of day be calm and relaxed. Stressing over getting the perfect shot will just end in frustration. Take a step back and work with the client to see what’s natural to them. And if you’re working with an animal, landscape, food, etc. look at the subject from a different point and see if it will work better. Being patient will always get you the best shot possible. 

Use Water Marks

Listen to me- use watermarks. Regardless of what your image is you need to implement this photography tip right now. If you upload any of your images to social media without a watermark your work could easily be stolen and potentially sold without your consent. It happens often which is why protecting your work is important. If you have never made one before,  here is a great video for you to watch how to create a watermark of your own. 


One of my favorite photography tips for beginners is to experiment. Do you think amazing photographers just follow the rules? Well you shouldn’t either. Use the rules as guidelines and then just have fun with it. Maybe you want your image to be overexposed to represent something. Or maybe you want your subject to be out of focus. Since this is an art form you can do whatever you want to while practicing. Thats what makes photography fun. Once you become more experienced, you’ll be glad in your early days of shooting you took eccentric photos to know why they do or don’t look right. 

You Always Have More to Learn

An important photography tip no matter how long you’ve been in this industry is you can always learn more. Being able to take constructive criticism from other photographers or artists is part of the gig. It helps you to see things in a different light and can make you a better photographer than you ever thought possible. 

No matter where you’re photography journey takes you, you can now take better photos with these easy steps. Remember to be patient and that you can always learn more. Have fun with photography! 

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