You Took Away Easter, Mommy!

You Took Away Easter, Mommy!

Happy Easter weekend!! Fun little story that I’m excited about: We have multiple family events to go to this weekend so this morning I told our daughter that I could do her hair ‘all pretty’, and we started looking on Pinterest for some ideas.  Of course, this is the one she picks:

Pinterest heart french braid The Porch Swing Store

Like… okay. This might turn out to be a classic #pinterestfail but we’ve got plenty of time.  I suppose I’ll try it.  After about 30 minutes… it actually turned out really good, and surprisingly was pretty easy to do.  Mom win!!

Pinterest win heart french braid The Porch Swing Store

Now back to Easter and how I apparently took it away –

The kiddos dyed Easter eggs at daycare yesterday, and of course got to take them home.  Which, that’s cool.  I never really grew up dying Easter eggs so I’m not really sure what you’re supposed to do with them afterwards, but my thought is that a hard-boiled egg that is not refrigerated…. That’s going to get gross.  And stinky.

Well, I made the mistake of saying that.  I told him that by tomorrow we would need to get rid of it because it would be gross and smelly.

Our 6-year-old then proceeded to take his Easter egg, along with all of the other Easter crafts that he had been making, and started throwing them all in the garbage, while saying “This is all YOUR fault, Mommy!  YOU took Easter away!”  Then he stormed off to his room.

Kids are fun 😊

I gave him a few minutes to cool off and then went into his room, and he continued to tell me how I’m the worst because I took away Easter.  I went the route of going all dramatic, jokingly saying “I’m the worst ever, because I took away Easter, and I’m going to take away Christmas, and I’m going to take away your birthday, and I’m going to poop in your soup.  Hmmph!”

There’s nothing like talking about pooping in soup to get a 6-year-old boy laughing.

We then decided that he was maybe just getting really hungry, and that having green eggs might make things better.  He proceeded to eat 3 eggs, and about half a pound of strawberries while I was making said eggs.  After that he decided that I wasn’t so bad.

It got me thinking though, while obviously this was just a temper tantrum… it’s pretty amazing that no one can take Easter away.  Jesus died on the cross and three days later rose again, all for us.  No one can take that away.  I think that’s pretty cool.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, eating lots of amazing food and enjoying time with family and friends.  From our family at The Porch Swing Store – Happy Easter!

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