Luxcraft products are delayed 6-8+ weeks. Most other brands are 2-4 weeks delayed.

Outdoor Gliders

It’s Time to Glide

The subtle swing of the glider has made it a hit for outdoor-lovers everywhere. Gliders can offer the smooth motion of a rocking chair but without the tilt, making it great for people with a book, laptop, or hand-held project that they use while they sit.

Comfort Comes First

Because gliders require a more intricate motion system than rockers, the design of our gliders has made great accommodations for comfort. Sitting in an old wooden rocking chair may grow uncomfortable over time- but our gliders are built to provide a consistent comfort for as long as you need it.

Customization is King

Two of our flagship products, the LuxCraft Two-Foot Rollback Glider and the LuxCraft Two-Foot Classic Highback Glider come in a variety of colors- and for good reason. Gliders don’t belong on the sidewalk! They belong on a porch, patio, or outdoor area and just about everyone has a theme they want for their special look. With over a dozen color combinations for each product, we know our customization options can make everyone happy.