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Why a Bench is Right for You

Benches are a subtle way to make your yard or property more inviting. They may be dedicated to a loved one, cause, or organization, or just look nice and fit with the scenery. Buying a sturdy, beautiful bench from The Porch Swing Store may be the finishing touch your house or business needs.

We have limited offers running right now on some of our premier products, so don’t be afraid to look around for something you like!

Plastic vs. Wood

We sell recycled plastic and wooden benches, and sometimes it raises questions. If one is better, why do we sell both? The truth is, even though wood is more commonly associated with outdoor benches, plastic is capable of doing the trick as well. Plastic benches also come in a wide variety of colors and styles that may be more versatile for a location than a simple wooden bench.

Both types of benches are durable, but the wooden bench is often what people come to expect.

The Three Styles You Need to See

  1. The Classic Backless Bench can be purchased with or without accompanying planters. They are best for brief stops, as the lack of back support can grow tiresome.
  2. The Garden Bench, which comes in CedarCypress, and Recycled Plastic. These are great for more comfortable extended outdoor sits.
  3. Our Indoor Benches come with and without shelves, and are an incredibly tasteful and classy addition to a foyer or entryway.