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About the LuxCraft Brand

LuxCraft outdoor furniture took the world by storm. Now almost thirty years in production, LuxCraft produces and sells over 30,000 products including chairs and benches. Their focus on quality and reliability put them at the forefront of the competitive outdoor furniture industry.

We sell LuxCraft patio furniture and products because their commitment to quality mirrors our own. With every piece of furniture sporting a residential lifetime warranty or commercial 5-year limited warranty, we know our customers are happy buying LuxCraft products for life.

The Poly Secret- The Best Products from the Best Materials

LuxCraft has put its name and reputation behind Poly- a high density polyethylene plastic that’s recyclable and resistant to moisture, fading, insects, splinting, and warping. Plastic furniture used to be the “cheap stuff.” Now, they’re the environmentally-friendly, maintenance-free, no-fade products on the cutting edge.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Add LuxCraft outdoor furniture to your home today!

The Three Reasons LuxCraft is a Premium Value

  1. LuxCraft accompanies all of its products with a warranty that puts the faith in their products on display. Don’t settle for any company that won’t stand behind its products.
  2. Poly and treated-wood products are virtually maintenance-free. Premium porch swings will withstand the sun, rain, and snow and continue to look great!
  3. LuxCraft prices their products to sell. Their success growing from a 2-man operation to selling hundreds of thousands of products a year is in part to offering a tremendous value on everything they sell.