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EZ Adjust Bed Swing Hanging Kit

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Details of the EZ Adjust Bed Swing Hanging Kit

*Rope is included*

*Kit comes with 4 ropes*

When you purchase our porch bed swing EZ Adjust Bed Swing Hanging Kit, we hand-tie an eye-splice (a method of creating a permanent loop in the end of a rope by means of rope splicing) into 4 lengths of rope, then we add a short length of ¼-inch high grade steel chain and a steel snap hook (carabiner) to each rope. By adding chain at the end of the rope, it makes hanging and adjusting your bed swing much easier than trying to untie and tie a knot, it also makes the bed swing movable from outside to inside or wherever you would like to move it to and from. 

The eye-splice is one of the only knots that maintains more that 95% of the ropes original strength.  It may take us longer to create this eye-splice in each rope, but it is well worth it and not to mention, it looks great!

The standard size Manila rope that we use is 1-inch in diameter. Whereas most people provide only ¾-inch rope, we think that the 1-inch rope is much more attractive and proportional to the bed swing, not to mention a much higher safe working load limit.

**If your ceiling is sloped and you will need different lengths of rope, please either select the option for a 15-foot ceiling or email me the height of your ceiling.

EZ Adjust Bed Swing Hanging Kit is a customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 01, 2020