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Product Overview

The T-2 Series Power Rack by Titan Fitness® is offered in 71 and 83-inch models to fit your gym needs. Featuring laser-cut holes spaced 2-inches on center throughout the front and back of the uprights and side bracings, heavy-duty 2 x 2-inch 12-gauge square steel uprights, bolt-together design, and a powder-coated black finish. Additionally, the power rack comes equipped with (2) weight plate horns, (2) pin/pipe safeties, (2) J-Hooks, and a single pull-up bar. Take your workouts even further and add more variety by taking advantage of our power rack accessories, such as: Strap Safeties, Rack Mounted Lat Tower, and more.

NOTE: The T-2 Series Power Rack comes equipped with pre-set holes to fit the Lat Tower Rack Attachment

T-2 SERIES POWER RACK: Available in 71 or 83-inch options, comes standard with (4) heavy-duty 2 x 2-inch 12-gauge square laser-cut steel uprights and (2) 2 x 2-inch 12-gauge steel side bracings for optimal stability. The T-2 Series Power Rack is built to withstand grueling workouts targeted towards our elite level athletes.

T-2 SERIES 1.25-INCH SINGLE PULL-UP BAR: T-2 Series standard 42-inch pull-up bar features a 1.25-inch diameter and is powder-coated black. The bar includes 8.5-inch endplates and mounting holes 6-inches on center.

PAIR OF T-2 SERIES J-HOOKS: Features UHMW plastic core on the backside and the clasp to protect the bar's knurling and the uprights from scratching. Holds a total 1,000-pound weight capacity.

PAIR OF T-2 SERIES PIN AND PIPE SAFETIES: T-2 Series standard Pin and Pipe Safeties are easy to set-up and extremely durable. The 25.25-inch long, 1.8-inch diameter powder-coated black pipe surrounds an overall pin length of 35-inches with a 0.9-inch diameter.

DESIGNED SAFE. DESIGNED STRONG.: You are never more vulnerable as an athlete than when working out heavy, let alone maxing out. Our T-2 Series power rack has a rackable capacity of 850-pounds and a total rack capacity up to 2,200-pounds ensuring that you have all the support you could ever need throughout your workout.

HARDWARE INCLUDED: Each unit comes with all the hardware you need to assemble your power rack. For safety reasons, Titan recommends a two-person assembly for all home or garage gym power racks.

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- T-2 Series 2 x 2-inch 12-Gauge Steel Uprights
- 1-inch holes spaced 2-inches on the center
- Included: (4) heavy-duty steel uprights
- Included: (2) Pin and Pipe Safeties
- Included: (2) Weight Plate Horns
- Included: (2) J-Hooks with UHMW plastic
- Included: 1.25-inch Single Pull-Up Bar
- Included: Assembly Hardware

- Overall Height: 83-in.
- Max Pull-Up Bar Height: 81-in.
- Overall Footprint: 57-in x 50-in.
- No. of Holes: 28
- Product Weight: 140 lb.

- Overall Height: 71-in.
- Max Pull Up Bar Height: 69-in.
- Overall Footprint: 50-in x 50-in.
- No. of Holes: 25
- Product Weight: 133 lb.

- Inside Width: 42-in.
- Outside Width: 46-in.
- Inside Depth: 26-in.
- Outside Depth: 30-in.
- Weight Plate Horns: 1.5-in x 6-in.
- Upright Dimensions: 2-in x 2-in.
- Hole Spacing: 2-in on the center
- Finish: Powder-Coated Black
- Material: 12-Gauge Steel
- Rackable Capacity: 850 lb.
- Whole Rack Capacity: 2,200 lb.