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Plant - How To Make Plant Hangers

How To Make Plant Hangers

Macramé plant hangers are fast making appearances across indoor and outdoor living spaces and for good reason. Homeowners have begun to see the many benefits of having a plant hanger in their patios and even inside their homes. 

This current trend, resurrected from the ’70s, is an ideal way of showcasing your plants and flowers. Having a macramé plant hanger brings nature closer to your home, coupled with the natural beauty and aura it exudes to any home. Because they are natural plant hangers, you have no use for chemicals. 

Done right, these hanging plant holders can last for several years, constantly refreshing your living space while oozing a natural and fabulous look. Plus, since they’re homemade, you can gift them to a special person. 

Making these DIY hanging plant holders, for a novice, may seem exhausting and time-draining without a proper guideline to follow. 

Making macramé plant hangers are quite easy. Below are DIY tips to get these hanging plant holders positioned on your wall in no time. 

Choose the type of rope you need. 

There are several types of ropes you can use for your macramé plant hanger. You can make use of yarn, cotton rope, leather, twine, and any other strand that is easily pliable. 

Get supplies. 

To get started on your journey of making these beautiful plant hangers, you need to get supplies. Visit a local hardware store or order the following from an online store:

  • Sharp scissors 
  • Ruler 
  • 50 feet of your preferred rope. 

Cut the rope. 

The second step is to measure, mark, and cut off 8 pieces of 6 ft rope. At the end of the day, you’re going to be left with 2 ft rope. 

Gather one end of all the 8 pieces of rope and tie them together in an overhand knot. You should leave a couple of inches for rope hanging. 

Knot them again. 

This part is particularly tricky. For this article, square knot is the most preferred method. With one part of all the sections of the rope already, gather the separate strands into 4 pairs of 2 ropes each. 

Now knot the separate 2 ropes just the same way you knot your shoes in just these simple steps: 

  • Cross the right rope over the left one. 
  • Wound the right rope under the left rope.
  • Take the right rope back on top of the left one 
  • Bring out the original right rope over the other rope 
  • Swing the original rope under the other rope. 
  • Pull both ends of the rope to tighten it 

Repeat the same process for the remaining 3 pairs of rope. 

Tie more knots 

Now that the first row has been created, take one strand from a pair and square knot it with a strand from another pair, following the preceding steps. Repeat the process until you have a second row of square knots. 

With the second row of square knots created, you will repeat the same process until you have a third row of square knots created. 

Set your flower pot. 

After creating the third set of square knots, place your flower pot in the center of the knotted basket and lift it up to hang onto a hook on the wall or a bracket. 

Macrame plant hangers are a beauty to behold. If you’re looking to refresh your living space, you can now make your own plant hanger and bring style to your home. 

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