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Banister - Outdoor Porch Railing Ideas

Outdoor Porch Railing Ideas

Outdoor Porch Railing Ideas

The safety of your family is of paramount importance to you no matter the geographical location you decide to settle in. You’d do anything just to ensure that their safety is guaranteed: CCTV cameras, house, and car alarms, motion detectors and so much more. 

But have you thought about installing a deck rail to your porch? The importance of having a rail attached to your deck cannot be overemphasized. 

Not only does a deck rail provide safety to your loved ones, but they also offer privacy, additional support, and incite visual allure. 

If you’re planning to have a deck rail installed, this blog post will show to go about it. The Porch Swing Store outlines some unique deck railing ideas and types. 

Glass railings 

Glass is perhaps the most expensive material you implement as a rail to your porch. Glass rails come in handy as they completely shield terrible winds and offering safety to whoever is chilling in the deck.

When you begin to consider the fact that it is also transparent and exquisite, you’d see why a glass rail can also be used as an embankment. 

Metal railings 

Metals rails, designed from steel or powder-coated aluminum is another material to consider for your porch. Available in limited in style and colors, these rails can blend in with the architecture of your home. 

Wood railings

Wood railings are one of the popular-used rails for decks and porches. They not only make your home look beautiful and maintain a serene outlook, but they are also quite budget-friendly. 

However, hardwood materials such as ipe are durable but pretty expensive. 


Composite and vinyl railings come in a plethora of different shapes and styles. One of the advantages of making use of these types of rails is that the connectors, balusters, and posts are readily available. 

Cable railings 

Cable railings are another wonderful option you should consider for your backyard railings. These cable railings are unique because they include posts and stainless-steel cables made of wood, composite, and aluminum. 

Now that you know the various types of decking materials available, we will be looking at how to layout the unique deck railing idea. 

It is normally recommended that you install the post before constructing the decking. However, you can attach the post to the deck frame when it is completed. Before you embark on this venture, you need to check with local building codes if there are any pre-existing restrictions. 

Whatever the case, follow these simple steps:

  • Mark the various points you want the posts installed, keeping an equal distance of 4 – 6 feet apart. 
  • Install the posts on the marked positions, taking note of where the stairs and openings are. 
  • Measure the total rail length required for all the posts. Also, take note of the space between each post.
  • Get to work. 

Installing a rail to your deck does not only keep your family safe but has an aesthetic appeal to your home. If you have a rail installed, there’s no better time than the present.

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