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Outdoors - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture

Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture

LuxCraft has been the best producing manufacturers of outdoor furniture. Their products are of a big difference compared to other manufacturers. They are made in more creative designs and Colors.

Luxcraft furniture durability is guaranteed and is also environmental friendly. They spare the client the hassle of meticulous attention as they are super easy to clean and maintain. They have a nationwide network of dealers, and no matter where one is, purchasing their products is quite effortless. They sell different types of furniture that are highly recommended by most of their customers. Most of these products are;

  • Poly Furniture
  • Wood Furniture
  • Outdoor structures

Here are the top 10 Luxcraft furniture; in no particular order:


  1. 5’ Recycled Plastic Outdoor Glider

Furniture - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture

The LuxCraft 5’poly glider comes in 13 color styles and 60" seat width made of durable poly and stainless steel hardware. It is also simple to assemble.

This LuxCraft 5’poly glider gives one comfort as the seat has an easy gliding action for relaxing and calming down of your body. Best of all, it can hardly crack, fade or rot, even if left outdoors for a year long.


  1. 2’ Poly Swivel Adirondack Glider

Furniture - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture

The LuxCraft 2’ poly swivel Adirondack glider is designed for comfort and built with maximum durability. It contributes to a healthy environment and has a stylish outdoor physique that is eye catchy. With a swivel in the seat, the chair turns and glides quite effortlessly.

They are made in a variety of colors. Some of the stock colors for the 2’ poly swivel Adirondack glider are; black, white, cedar, green, weatherwood, cherry wood and black, Green and slate, dove gray and black, weatherwood and chestnut brown and also antique mahogany.

These colors are dependent on the client’s taste. This glider does not need to be hauled into storage for the winter. It will last for many years as you entertain your friends and family in your backyard.


  1. 5’ Poly Adirondack Swing

Furniture - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture

If you are looking for the classy set to complete your porch or the terrace, yet you don’t want to spend a lot of time caring for it, then the  LuxCraft 5’ poly Adirondack swing furniture is the perfect and maintenance free seat to look for.

This piece is assembled with stainless steel hardware and backed with a limited lifetime warranty. The LuxCraft 5’ poly Adirondack swing is sure to become a fast favorite.

The 5’ swing seats three with room to spare. This poly Adirondack swing is a durable poly with 65” width, 28” Depth, and 32.5”Height.


  1. Deluxe Adirondack Chairs

Chair - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture


In a classic Adirondack Style, Deluxe Adirondack Chairs offers the utmost in comfort and durability. It is crafted with durable red launa, a wood similar in strength, texture, and appearance to mahogany. Deluxe Adirondack Chairs are available in 30 beautiful colors. All you need to do is select your color.


  1. Royal Adirondack Chairs

Furniture - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture

The Royal Adirondack Chairs offers a combination of best features of a deluxe Adirondack chair which are;

  • True Amish Craftsmanship
  • stainless steel fasteners
  • A contoured seat
  • A waterfall seat edge.

The iconic Adirondack high design allows a more comfortable sitting position compared to regular seats. They are made of virtually maintenance free poly permeated with UV color protection in that it won’t crack, fade, rot or warp ensuring years of outdoor enjoyment.

Its specifications are 31” width, 32” depth, and 44.5” height. 


  1. Grandpa's Porch Rocker

 Furniture - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture

Create an inviting front porch with your outdoor rocking from LuxCraft. From a classic wooden porch rocker to an eco-friendly recycled plastic rocker, we’ve got dozens of choices for patio seating.

Choosing the right color for an outdoor rocker can be as simple as classic white. At LuxCraft, we offer a variety of color options so that you can find the perfect outdoor rocker. Matching pillows or rocking chair cushions are added to complete the look, and you are ready to go.

There is a rocker to suit just about any style. You need only to choose one that you think is the best. Available in a variety of colors, rockers won't splinter, fade, chip or rust.


  1. Balcony Table Set

Furniture - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture


Balcony Table Sets are units perfect for a leisurely Breakfast or lunch with friends. It is designed for comfort and built with maximum durability. It contributes to a healthy environment since it is a stylish outdoor furniture that offers maximum social skills.


  1. 41 ft. Square Table Set #2(With Adirondack Swivel Chairs)

Furniture - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture

The Versatile 41’Square Table Set with Adirondack Swivel Chairs will serve as a social focal point for family and friends all summer long. This 41’Square Table Set is an excellent size for a small patio.

Available in 3 heights, bar 42”, Counter 36” and dinning 30” warranted for life. Standard with umbrella/hole plug included. Its dimensions are; Dining Height 41”Width, 41”Depth, and 30” Height.

With its craftsmanship and poly wood furniture material construction, it is guaranteed to last years. It will not crack, split, warp or rot and carries a limited lifetime warranty.


  1. Octagon Picnic Table

Furniture - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture

Cool, stylish, durable Octagon picnic tables make the winning choice. The table is constructed of double HDPE Polywood lumber that provides the look of painted wood without the maintenance.

It requires no painting, staining, waterproofing or similar maintenance. Octagon picnic tables are available in four, three (46” * 57” tabletop) or two (46” * 68” table top) attached seat models.

The rolled seats provide extra safety and comfort and also give the table a modern aesthetic. Both the tops /seats and frame can be ordered in a variety of colors and optional accessories.

Such accessories include optional umbrellas and a plastic/concrete umbrella stand. Surface mount clamps and in-ground mount posts can also be ordered to protect against the possibility of undesired movement of this octagon picnic tables.


  1. LuxCraft Deluxe Treated Victorian Swing Stand

Outdoors - Top 10 Best Selling LuxCraft Furniture

Are you really in need of a shady spot to read a book or a magazine and escape the summer heat? Then the LuxCraft Deluxe Treated Victorian Swing Stand is the perfect solution for you.

Classic cedar roof fitted in it provides weatherproof cover. This beautiful Victorian Swing Stand has detailed latticework. You can add some roses and vines to make the Deluxe Swing surroundings lively.

The swing is made of selected-grade, beautiful pressure treated yellow pine wood and Stainless steel hardware. The wood is hand selected for appearance and structural strength and finally assembling is done.

It fits well with any 4' or 5' swing. When one purchases their products, you are assured of a lifetime warranty. It comes in a variety of standard features and colors. Some of these features are;

  • American Made Lawn Furniture
  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Arsenic Free Wood
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Unfinished
  • Cedar Roof

Dimensions of this LuxCraft Deluxe Treated Victorian Swing Stand are of 88" Width
50" Depth, 90" Height and the 4"x4" Posts.

LuxCraft Furniture comes with a residential lifetime limited warranty that is always friendly to their nationwide network of dealers. I definitely would want the LuxCraft Deluxe Treated Victorian Swing.

Want to learn more about LuxCraft? Check out this article we just wrote about LuxCraft.

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