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You Took Away Easter, Mommy!

You Took Away Easter, Mommy! 0

This morning, within about two hours, I managed to have a pretty awesome Pinterest win as well as "take away Easter".  I guess you could call that a productive morning?  Read about our family's adventures in this week's blog.  Happy Easter!
  • Jordan Van Maanen
How to Hang a Porch Swing from a Deck

How to Hang a Porch Swing from a Deck 0

Not everyone has a porch to hang their porch swing from.  That's why we decided to hang ours from the bottom of our deck!  With just a few materials and about 30 minutes, it was a really easy process.  Here's the step-by-step guide for how to hang a porch swing from a deck.
  • Jordan Van Maanen
Why We Love Luxcraft

Why We Love Luxcraft 0

Today we're bragging about one of our most popular vendors, Luxcraft!  For the last 29 years they have been perfecting their process of manufacturing high-quality furniture that will last a lifetime.  They have a huge selection - from porch swings to gliders to adirondack chairs to dining sets, and more!
  • Jordan Van Maanen
This Kitchen is for Dancing

This Kitchen is for Dancing 0

Kitchens are a place for families to spend time together - to hang out, to have fun, to dance, and to cook amazing food.  In this week's post I share the recipe for my pregnancy-craving-inspired spin on a French dip!
  • Jordan Van Maanen
Dreaming of Porch Swings and Summertime

Dreaming of Porch Swings and Summertime 0

March in South Dakota has us dreaming of porch swings and summertime.  The weather being nice, being able to actually hang out outside, chilling on our porch swing watching the kids play in the backyard, all of it.  Our Luxcraft 5 ft. Recycled Plastic Porch Swing is one of my favorite products to go along with summer. It's high quality, comfortable, will last forever, and best of all it's easy to clean!
  • Jordan Van Maanen
This Is Us

This Is Us 0

Every family is unique and is their own little version of crazy.  This is our story, and the story behind The Porch Swing Store.
  • Jordan Van Maanen