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Glider vs. Rocker- The Debate Ends Here

Glider vs. Rocker- The Debate Ends Here 0


Rocking chairs go back hundreds of years. Gliders came around only in the last century. And ever since we ran out of things to argue about, a debate has raged- which is better? What’s the right time and place for each? What should we look for when buying them?

Make All Things Fair

There’s no easy way to settle this debate, but we must begin with a disclosure: The Porch Swing Store sells both rocking chairs and gliders, and our expertise in this matter is as experts of outdoor furniture. You should buy whatever you want. But if you don’t know what you want, this article will light your path.

The Question of Quality

It’s easy for us as Americans to say: “the better-quality chair is better.” Quality is king, after all. If one were a clear favorite in comparing quality, how could one claim the other is better? The truth is, gliders are designed and crafted with more comfort and customization in mind than rocking chairs. The classic rocking chair- despite its nostalgic and calming experience- can’t compete.

But people still buy rocking chairs for the same reason the Honda Civic is the most-bought car in America and not a BMW. Quality is great, but it may not be worth the price. Gliders are more expensive- sometimes by as much as 80% for similar products. Does the increased cost merit the ability to swivel?

Our Nature is to Rock

We rock babies to sleep. We turn four-leg chairs into rocking chairs by leaning back. We want our office chairs and living room furniture to recline with the same arc as a rocking chair- not scoot back and forth like a glider. It’s in our nature to move with the motion of a rocking chair, so if nature has any say in this debate, it must be for rocking chairs.

The Simple Truth

The rocking chair won’t be dethroned that easily. It’s ubiquitous across the country and has been for generations. Although the glider is making strides (or should we say, glides) in getting into American homes, porches, and patios, it still just doesn’t compare to the classic simplicity of a rocking chair.

If you’ve had your fill of rocking chairs and think a glider is more your style, we accommodate that too.

  • Jordan Van Maanen
The Wide World of DIY Porch Swings- and Why It May Be Worth Leaving Them Alone

The Wide World of DIY Porch Swings- and Why It May Be Worth Leaving Them Alone 0


When we build something, we love it. There’s something about creating something that attaches us to our creation, and that value cannot be found in a retail item. A lot of people would love to build their own porch swing- there are countless articles and videos available for instruction just a google search away.

But the DIY life isn’t for everyone. The less handy we are, the harder it is to motivate us to build something. That’s why we’ve compiled some great reasons to abandon the DIY jobs and focus on finding something you can love for years to come.

DIY does not always mean cheaper

In many cases, creating something yourself saves you money. If all you need are the raw materials, surely, it’s cheaper to make it yourself. Wrong! For many of the DIY projects we found, The Porch Swing Store offers a comparable product at a similar price. Plus, ours come with warranties, delivery, and expert customer support.

The key here isn’t initial cost- but the total cost of the project. Buying wood, screws, and paint will undoubtedly be cheaper. Many of the DIY instructions we found do not include methods for treating the wood for outdoor weathering OR instructions to find pre-treated wood, or what treatments would suffice.

Saying goodbye to the homemade family porch swing because it couldn’t withstand the elements is an unnecessary- and costly- loss. Getting one you can count on for years may end up saving you money and a headache.

DIY requires a basic level of hardware and expertise

Amateurs can build porch swings. But soon you’ll see you don’t have the right tools or can’t follow the instructions correctly. Now you’re stuck with half a porch swing and not enough will or expertise to see it through.

For anyone already wielding a small carpentry operation, a porch swing could be a breeze. For those without the space, knowledge, or equipment, building one yourself may be a mistake.

DIY does not ensure safety

No one should be afraid of building a porch swing, but amateurs operating saws and sanders must come with some precautions. Not only does your project come with certain risks, your porch swing installation may not be able to support the load that we guarantee to our customers.

If you want something safe that lasts at a great value, I encourage you to start by looking at some of our products. Our LuxCraft porch swings are designed to be comfortable, fashionable, and last for years with warranties to back them up.

  • Jordan Van Maanen
Guest Post: Alicia Van Maanen Sausage Ramen Soup Recipe

Guest Post: Alicia Van Maanen Sausage Ramen Soup Recipe 0

Sausage Ramen Soup 

10 hour work days on Wednesdays are always fun.

I came home tonight, seriously exhausted, to an empty house. Took a bath (it was glorious), did the dishes and cleaned a bit, and decided that I was starvin marvin and couldn’t wait for supper until hubby got home.

I was going to make this sausage gnocchi soup that I had planned on my menu, and then I realized that the spinach in the fridge had water in it and the mushrooms… well they didn’t look good either. So those got put in the garbage and I decided to get creative 

I had turkey breakfast sausage that I had browned the night before so I needed to use that (before that went bad too )… and I felt like soup and something warm and cozy-feeling.

So here’s what I made… I really didn’t know about it. Like seriously I was putting it all together fully preparing to make a frozen pizza afterwards.

Then I did my mandatory taste test… OMG you guys. It made my heart happy.

Here is the recipe 

  • 1# breakfast sausage (browned)
  • 1 bag oriental/stir fry veggies (broccoli, peppers, etc)
  • 1 teaspoon ginger (I use the kind in a squeeze bottle… its bomb)
  • 1 Tbsp minced garlic
  • 2 Tbsp (ish) soy sauce
  • 1/2 c (ish) teriyaki sauce
  • 2 bags ramen noodles, minus the seasoning

Throw some olive oil in a pan and saute the bag of veggies with the garlic and ginger for a bit.. until they are about at the point where you want to eat them.

Cook the ramen noodles in some water. Throw away the ramen seasoning.

Add the cooked ground breakfast sausage, soy sauce, and teriyaki sauce. Mix it all together.

Add the ramen noodles (with the water) to the veggie mix.

Do the required taste test and add things like salt and pepper and whatever else your heart desires.

This made 4 adult sized meals 

  • Jordan Van Maanen
What’s the Big Deal About Adirondack Chairs and Porch Swings?

What’s the Big Deal About Adirondack Chairs and Porch Swings? 0

Adirondack chairs are older than sliced bread- they are a piece of classic Americana. Created in the early 20th century, they were comfortable, cheap, and easy to make. They were a hit and have remained, in the minds of many, to be the very definition of “patio chair” or “outdoor chair.” The adaption to porch swings was obvious- what’s simpler than hanging America’s favorite outdoor chair by a couple chains?

The Origins of America’s Signature Chair

Most people today have seen the iconic Adirondack design- with the rounded back and curved seat. They may not be able to call it by name, but everyone knows someone with a chair like this.

The success of the Adirondack was its simple comfort. The contoured seat, wide arm rests, and angled recline gave everyone a way to relax and read, chat, or roast marshmallows around a campfire. Over a hundred years later, they are still the standard for outdoor furniture and sold all around the world in a diversity of colors and sizes.

What do you need to know about buying them?

Buying an Adirondack chair or porch swing isn’t hazardous or dangerous- but you’re likely to get what you pay for. Use these rules when you’re looking to get your own Adirondack:

  • Cheap isn’t always better. Treat the price like what the seller wants you to pay, not what it’s worth. If two products are made of the same materials have the same design, the cheaper one will do.
  • Materials make a difference. Swings can be made of many materials: recycled plastic, treated wood, untreated wood, cedar, pine, etc. We recommend recycled plastic for its safety, ease of maintenance, and resistance to fading color.
  • Pick a place to hang your swing before purchasing. Depending on the level of assembly and shipping, getting your porch swing functional may be a hassle. Take measurements and guarantee everything will fit where it’s meant to BEFORE your place your order.
  • Don’t overdo it. There are a lot of chairs and porch swings out there. Don’t let the diversity of designs, materials, sizes, and colors distract from what you’re looking for. You can find the clean, classic look anywhere.
  • Trust the reviews. There are no experts on porch swings and chairs. The people who have bought them before you, whether they’re friends, family, or strangers on the internet, can often give you the best judge of value for the product.

What do we offer?

We offer products with durable value- comfortable, fashionable, and resistant to wear. Our commitment to quality, long-lasting furniture is the basis for all our work with our vendors. Here are a couple of our premium Adirondack products:

Our LuxCraft Adirondack 4ft Recycled Plastic Porch Swing is one of our best-sellers. It is designed to be maintenance-free and customizable in plenty of colors. Assembly is easy, and the swing is resistant to fading, bugs, and bacteria.

The LuxCraft Royal Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chair has all the same benefits you can expect from the recycled plastic and Adirondack design, but with almost double the number of colors to choose from. Getting a set of these to put in your backyard will be as inviting as the sweet smell of BBQ.

Check out more of our Adirondack products here, or contact us today if you have a request or suggestion, or if you’ve purchased one of our products and you’re not satisfied.
  • Jordan Van Maanen
The Porch Swing Store For Business

The Porch Swing Store For Business 0

Porch swings may hold the key to a better business

That title may be reaching- but the lesson isn’t. Customer experience reigns supreme in today’s business world. How you treat your customers or clients says just as much, if not more, about your business than your products or services. Porch swings may not be the “next big thing” for selling lawn mowers or hamburgers- but if you are considering buying a porch swing for your business, you’re on the right track.

Value has changed for the consumer

Whether we’re buying or selling, you may have already seen this shift. Every product or service has a baseline expectation of quality. Anything bought and sold must adhere to certain standards set by the government, marketplace, or the people. And now virtually every business is obligated to meet those demands for greater value.

This is the new wind blowing in sales and marketing and it’s picking up steam because it’s making a lot of customers happy. And when customers are happy, business owners are happy. Amazon, internet retail giant, has enjoyed tremendous success on that premise with their free two-day shipping. There is nothing more efficient than free, and their online marketplace offers such an easy and comfortable way to buy things. Competitors are struggling to keep up, and it’s no surprise why.

What does any of this have to do with porch swings?

Porch swings offer only an experience. There’s no piece of the porch swing to take home. There’s no porch swing operator to hire. Buy it, install it, and let it swing. Whether it’s for employees, customers, or the public, you’ve made a deliberate investment in your location- an investment in a better experience.

One of our latest sales, to The Good Samaritan Society, benefits the members of their communities and their families. Porch swings are not a necessary component to what they do- but now there is more comfort in the experience they offer. Comfort, ease, and convenience are easy ways to cater to your customer without breaking the bank.

How does The Porch Swing Store handle customer experience?

We sell porch swings, like thousands of other businesses across America, including some of the largest companies in the world. But we offer value in our process just as much as our products.

  • Our website is designed to simplify finding exactly what you’re looking for. On desktop computers, we’ve provided a chat window to accommodate that search.
  • We offer discounts to businesses looking to populate their apartment complexes, campgrounds, or public spaces with high-quality outdoor furniture.
  • Our newsletter keeps our customers informed on promotions and new additions to our inventory, so they have a reason to stay tuned in after their purchase.
  • We offer financing on larger purchases because investing in your outdoor space shouldn’t break the bank.

A porch swing is just a start but focusing on your customers’ experience is always a lesson worth learning.

  • Jordan Van Maanen
How my first home-buying experience was made complete by a porch swing

How my first home-buying experience was made complete by a porch swing 0

I bought my first house in November. Mounted to the ceiling of its front porch was an old wooden swing dangling by rusted chains. My wife was ecstatic at its discovery- despite the age the swing showed. Her morning love for reading her books and drinking her coffee would be complete with a gentle rocking. To our surprise and dismay, the previous owners took the porch swing with them before we moved in. My wife was devastated.

The house needed work and winter was coming, so the swing was not our most pressing issue. As our tasks were checked off, one by one, we found ourselves swingless closer and closer to spring.

April showers soon rained down on our covered porch and like a tireless itch we began looking for porch furniture. Dozens of emails were sent back and forth suggesting possible replacements for the rickety old porch swing. As our last paint job dried- the final home improvement project- it became time to scratch the itch.

Lots of porch swings left a lot to discover

Neither of us anticipated the remarkable diversity of porch swings offered to us by the internet and local sellers. Should the new swing be mounted to the ceiling, like its predecessor? Should it glide, resting on the ground? Cushions? Wood? Plastic? We struggled to answer these questions as we were more likely to be met with sponsored content or reviews rather than an informative voice telling us what to look for. Prices varied from a hundred dollars to a thousand yet we found little help in understanding the range of value. We wanted quality. Buying a swing only for a low price felt like we would receive a cheap, low-quality product, but we didn’t know any better.

Quality: what we looked for and how we found it

We compared wooden and plastic swings and found that high-quality, properly-treated wood swings like oak or cedar were just as capable of surviving the elements as plastic ones. Wood swings, however, offered a more authentic look, while plastic ones would appear more modern. Cedar swings, for instance, show their age by greying in a very natural way while still maintaining their sturdiness.

We decided we wanted a glider. We could get a very sturdy recycled plastic glider that matched the color scheme on our front porch at a price comparable to a wooden one. We avoided mounted swings because we didn’t trust the mounts installed by the previous owners and weren’t comfortable installing our own. It also meant there was no setup or installation- only delivery. We bought it and finally scratched the itch.

Our life with the porch swing

Getting a porch swing was more than just satisfying our nostalgia- it was granting us a new way to love our home. Inundated with technology, it’s easy to be distracted from seeing the full value of your own home. Sitting on our new porch swing with no phones or laptops redirected our focus to our local neighborhood, full of houses like ours. It captivated us. We had a new room on the ground floor, free of distractions. It offered a front row seat to enjoy a rainy day. A place to relax and read. And for that, it made my first home-buying experience complete.

  • Jordan Van Maanen