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Plastic vs. Wood

A common question across many of our products is recycled plastic vs. wood. If one is better, why do we sell both? The truth is, even though wood is more commonly associated with hanging porch swings, plastic is just as durable and much more vibrant- and it retains that vibrance for years. The customization options on recycled plastic may be worth giving up the nostalgic feel of a classic wooden porch swing.

Why not Walmart or Home Depot?

There’s more to a porch swing than the price. We work closely with our producer brands to ensure the highest quality of products for our customers. The dedication to customer service adds value to what we offer- knowing that your purchase means you’ll be treated like family instead of a stranger.

Our shipping, return policy, and financing options make clear that our business is making sure you’re happy. And if you’re not, we want to know about it. So find your perfect porch swing and order today.