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Poly / Recycled Plastic Gliders

Poly or recycled plastic makes great outdoor furniture because it is durable, virtually maintenance free, and environmentally friendly. Poly stands for polyethylene which is the most common form of plastic. It is made from milk jugs, detergent bottles and more and when used for outdoor furniture, plastic is being kept out of landfills. Another benefit is there are no harsh chemicals needed to keep your poly furniture clean, just soap and water. Poly comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors perfect for any setting. 

Do you wish to renovate the outside of your home while remaining eco-friendly? Our collection of poly recycled plastic gliders are your best bet. We bring to you the customized range of environment-friendly gliders made using recycled plastic. These gliders are perfect for your porch, outdoor garden, yard, or anywhere you want to spend some quality time.

Made with completely eco-friendly, recycled plastic, our gliders are good to use for all purpose and places. The poly recycled plastic used in these gliders is completely harmless, durable, requires low maintenance, and offers extreme comfort. We aim to deliver our customers the utmost quality products at reasonable costs. That’s the reason our gliders are so popular among our clients throughout the United States.

Poly recycled plastic is one of the best alternatives to wood, as it reduces the need to cut trees to make furniture. They offer the same look at economical rates, and provide weather resistant durability. Poly recycled plastic porch swings are also easier to clean than wooden porch swings. All you need is a mild soap or liquid, a soft sponge, and that’s it!

These gliders can take enough weight without causing any breakage, holes, or lines. We use cutting-edge technology and expert workmanship to design our recycled plastic gliders.

So don’t wait for the perfect choice of glider. Browse The Porch Swing Store now to locate the best plastic glider for your porch!