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3 Most Popular Swing Styles to Consider For Your Porch

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A porch swing often acts as a style statement for a home. It reflects your commitment to the look and feel of your home and leaves a strong impression on the passerby. That’s the reason the type of porch swing you pick matters a lot. An All Things Cedar porch swing is perfect for any setting, and there are a few more styles that one could think.

Below we have curated a few swing types that will fit every taste. Read thoroughly, and you will find something that fulfills your criteria. Let’s have a look:

Are you planning to hang your swing in the front section of your porch or you are more into using it at the backyard? Deciding how and where you are going to use your porch swing is the initial step towards figuring out which type would be perfect for you.

Once decided, refer to these popular styles:

All Things Cedar Porch Swing

As the name suggests, the swing is made using high-grade cedar and handcrafted to give you an authentic look. An All Things Cedar swing is one of the best options available when it comes to porch swings. You will get a wide variety of options to choose one that best fits your individual needs. From color and size to look and seller - you have full control over everything.

Places like The Porch Swing Store will satisfy your urge to find the best porch swings online. You can filter results as per your preference and choose an All Thing Cedar porch swing that will stand on your expectations.

Adirondack Porch Swings

Next in the list of most popular styles are Adirondack swings. These swings have a sloping seat, with flat arms, and vertically slatted back. They are more popular as the American classic and mix well with all porch settings whether rustic or contemporary.


Do you have less space in your porch, but still wish to make some personal area for relaxing? A glider-inspired swing can be the ideal decision in such case. Gliders work well with patios and apartments, as the space is less there. You don’t need chains or any installation for them. Just place them wherever needed, sit back and relax.

So these are some widely-preferred styles of porch swings. Out of all, an All Things Cedar porch swing is the best given is perfect in every sense, for every outdoor setting. So browse your options well and choose the right swing for your porch to make it the main highlight of your home.

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