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Apparel - 5 Weekend Projects for Summer 2020

5 Weekend Projects for Summer 2020

It’s only a couple of months away, but it is fast upon us: Summer! You know what that means, right? Extended holidays, longer days, outdoor BBQ parties, fun activities/games with family and friends, balmy nights to relax on the patio, and bond with your family, and so much more. 

We haven’t gotten to the best part yet: working together with your family to transform your backyard into summer goals. 

If you have no inkling on what weekend projects to embark on before summer, The Porch Swing Store has got you covered. Below are 5 fancy weekend projects you and your family should carry out before summer. 

Create an outdoor kitchen

Constructing an outdoor kitchen is one of the fun activities you can embark on before summer. If you consider the difficulties in moving sumptuous meals from the kitchen in your apartment to serve guests chilling at the yard every time, you’d see why an outdoor kitchen is a necessity if you’re planning a block hangout.  

The outdoor kitchen should be replete with the following basic necessities: 

  • A wide countertop to cater to your cooking needs
  • Counter seats for your family and guests 
  • Makeshift storage for glasses
  • The grill stand.

Add a makeshift sports arena

If you’ve got kids interested in sports, now’s the time to become the coolest parent ever. Map out a section of your front yard or backyard, and create a makeshift field for soccer, basketball, volleyball, and many more. 

On warm summer mornings, you can host friendly sporting events with the neighbors and sit from the comfort of your comfy chairs with the adults while the kids run around. 

You can make provisions for goalposts, nets, and other sport equipment from a local sports vendor. 

Transform your deck.

Changing the look of your deck is another project you should be focused on before summer hits.

Your deck does not only offer relaxation for you, your family, and guests, it is also an extension of your apartment. Thus, it is necessary to make your deck reflect the comfort that is inside your home.

You can transform your deck by:

  • Expanding the width of your deck 
  • Furnishing it with brand new outdoor comfy furniture and décor. 
  • Buy new vases and pottery for plants and flowers 

The Porch Swing Store has a massive collection of outdoor furniture, fittings, and accessories to cater to your individualized style and taste. 

Pave the patio. 

Paving the patio is another project that you should also embark on before summer. It not only transforms your home from the outside but it exudes a new allure that others will love when they pay you a visit. 

There are several paver styles to choose from: cobblestone, marble, brick, etc. In any case, you should select a paver style that will blend as a backdrop to your home. 

However, before you embark on this project, you should check with residential associations and building codes to see if there are any regulations for changing the pavement of your home. 

Plant some veggies

There’s no greater thrill than knowing all you need to prepare that delicious soup is growing in the garden outside your home. Before summer shows up, make it a point of duty to make a garden bed if you don’t any and some of those necessary veggies. 

With summer fast approaching, you and your family should experience something different this year. These aforementioned weekend projects are your best bet. Hurry now and get to work. 

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