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Terrace - All Things Cedar | The Porch Swing Store

All Things Cedar | The Porch Swing Store

All Things Cedar is the world’s leading manufacturer of beautiful patio furniture and outdoor garden furniture. The company’s location is at Lethbridge, Alberta.

They specialize in cedar products because they feel cedar is the most reliable type of wood with added advantages like non-decadences, non-attraction to insects and requires minimized maintenance because of its outstanding quality.


While manufacturing its products, All Things Cedar designs its modern outdoor furniture in a way that their customers get the feel and sense of a new outlook.

Just one look, and you will be running to purchase the furniture because their products are elegant, sophisticated, and of high quality as well as durable. All Things Cedar offers an extensive collection of exciting outdoor furniture; like teak cedar and rattan outdoor furniture.


Types of furniture’s

All Things Cedar provides a wide variety of outdoor furniture that one can choose from, and that are durable. Before you decide to get any type of furniture, it’s better to determine the available space in your living room and other specs necessary for installation of furniture.

Ask yourself:

Is the roof strong enough to hold the porch swing you are about to purchase?

Will a complete patio set fit in your living room?

Patio sets work best in large outdoor areas because they come in more than four pieces which may include: tables, chairs, chaise lounges and to some extent, an umbrella.

Apart from Cedar furniture, All Things Cedar Inc. also contributes a large number of teak and accent furniture in the market;

1.      Cedar furniture.

As the name describes, this type of furniture is made of cedar wood. Most of their furniture is made from the Western Red cedar.

The wood’s creamy texture of the tactile grain, the bright-ranging shade from amber to honey-brown and its deep natural luster that cannot be compared to any other material out there, makes it outstanding and appealing.

Here is the kicker:

The Western Red Cedar wood is preferred for furniture making because it is durable and light in weight, hence prevalent in making of outdoor furniture. It also contains natural tannins which offer the anti-decaying properties.

The anti-decaying characteristic makes it ideal for use in sauna frames or in humid areas. The wood natural tannins also produce a strong scent (not as much to the human nostrils; but strong to ants) that helps in repelling wood-eating termites.

Additionally, its thermal co-efficiency makes it a perfect material that acts as insulation during winter, and it remains cool during the summer.

All Things Cedar also uses the white cedar to make their furniture.

Now, let’s look at some of the best cedar furniture’s and their average prices:

There are hundreds of other cedar furniture. You can find more products through their  


2.       Teak furniture

Tectona grandis commonly known as teak originates from a teak tree which is widely sourced from Southern Asia. It is a hardwood which is resistant to climatic changes. Therefore, it is suitable for the manufacture of furniture and shipbuilding.

Plantation teak offers long life expectancy and can be termed as eco-friendly. Teak wood is one of the most expensive woods and is often identified as a status symbol. Teak furniture is very suitable for outdoors all year round and in all climates.

Teak produces a natural oil known as the teak oil. This oil is what is responsible for the smooth furniture finishing and a pleasant glow that lasts for decades.

According to customer reviews, the top teak furniture’s include:


 3.      Accent furniture

You might be wondering:

What is an Accent furniture?

Accent furniture is merely defined as uniquely designed furniture that is used to complement the interior decor of a room or an office. However, it can also be used with roofed outdoor furniture.

Furniture - All Things Cedar | The Porch Swing Store

Here is a list of some of the best accent furniture:

Accent furniture is considered to be a necessity if you want your home to look fancy and simple at the same time. By using a piece, or set, of accent furniture with other old furniture in your house, you will transform your living room to be cozy and welcoming.


All Things Cedar is an internationally recognized company that is renowned for its quality work and creative designs. Even better, their furniture prices are quite affordable.

If you are looking to shop for reliable, weather enduring, real wood patio furniture, or any other type of furniture at a reasonable price, All Things Cedar furniture should be your first priority.

Do you already have an idea or recommendation from your friend? Here are the best All Things Cedar products. 

Get your furniture today:

Visit us for amazing deals from All Things Cedar and other major brands such as the Wildridge, LuxCraft, and Tortuga Outdoors among others.

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