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Housing - Amazing Front Porch Ideas

Amazing Front Porch Ideas


The massive role porches play in homes cannot be underplayed if you don’t have one. It’s really no surprise that homeowners are constantly looking for innovative ideas to boost their curb appeal. 

The fact is, porches do not only serve as an extension of the home, providing additional space for storage. By construct, porches usually pass for personal sanctuaries where you can chill all by yourself with a cup of coffee, or relax with a couple of friends and colleagues over food and drinks. 

With so many front porch ideas for houses available, it is important that you’re well informed on the different types of porches before consulting an architect for their design. So, what are the various types of porches?

Open porches. 

It is not only the most common, but one of the most sought after and recognizable front porches around. You’d typically see wide steps leading up to the porch area. This type of porch is common for both modern and older homes.

Wrap-around porches 

This type of porches is usually found in older and country homes. Just like their name, they’re designed in such a way that they begin at the entry and wrap around more than one side/corner of the house.

Screened porches 

These are all-weather porches specifically designed outside the house and covered with several window screens. They’re more or less modern-day showrooms. This method of design is done to prevent insects, dust, debris, and grime from getting into the porch. 

Covered porches. 

A little variation of screened porches, covered porches are often called ‘rain porches’. They’re usually extensions constructed outside the home with enough space to allow the fresh air to sweep in. These porches are often designed to shield their occupants from the snow and rain. 

Now that you’re up-to-date on all there is to front porches, we are going to be exploring amazing front porch ideas for your home. 

All white everything. 

You can never go out of style with a front porch painted with white. Everywhere from the ceiling, flooring, posts, and the wall are coated in white. Typically works for older homes or you want to vibe with a traditional theme. This type of porch can act as a brilliant backdrop to any type of outdoor furniture and accessories you choose to install in outdoor space. 

Large column porches with chairs and hanging swing. 

If you’ve enough space lingering in front of your home, you can install a large column porch, and furnished it with outdoor furniture. No, we are not forgetting the swing. Swings bring back fond memories, and it is not out of place to make more memories with them hanging on your porch. 

This sort of design can be very comfortable and relaxing for you and your family. 

Front porches displaying bright colors. 

Front porches showcasing a plethora of bright colors will not only boost the curb appeal but become one of the major highlights of your entire home. And if you’re planning to host small parties and meetings, your porch with popping colors is bound to captivate your guests. 

Covered porch featuring a rustic bench. 

There’s nothing that makes your covered porch more welcoming than a rustic bench. You can also introduce neutral colors to your porch to ensure each furniture and accessory complements each other and add to the warmth and allure of your outdoor living space. 

Connecting with nature. 

Who says you can’t bring nature closer to your home? This is a front porch idea you can try out if you’re a sucker for nature and like to relax outside. Get your favorite plants and flowers on flower pots and spread them around your comfy seating space. This is bound to refresh your outdoor space with nature all around you.

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