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Dreaming of Porch Swings and Summertime

Dreaming of Porch Swings and Summertime

It’s March in South Dakota.  That means that it’s like that “Spring is coming…!!” time of the year, but at the same time we just got like 10 inches of snow in the last week.

The crazy amounts of snow did bring out my child prodigy though.  My 6-year-old had just come inside from playing in the snow, and he was telling his sister and I all about the “snow banks” that we now have.  “Right in front of our house, we only have a snow hill – and those aren’t as fun.  But out in the yard we have snow banks, because there are a LOT of snow hills.  Just like a bank has a lot of money, snow banks have a lot of snow hills.”

… I can’t even argue with that.  It makes so much sense.  He’s a smart kid… he’s going to do cool things someday.

Back to my main point though, basically everyone around here is sick of winter, cold, snow, and if you have kids… boot dryers and snow pants and hats and gloves… just looking forward to those glorious days when the kids can run outside, barefoot, in shorts and a tank top.  When you can sit outside on the deck with a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, and it’s just… nice out.

That’s what I’m dreaming about today.  In particular our Luxcraft porch swing that we’re going to hang off the bottom of our deck so we can chill while the kiddos play in the back yard.  Just for fun, this was last year when we had the swing hanging out at our physical location in Sioux Falls.  Those pigtails though.. she is just too adorable.

kids Luxcraft porch swing porchswing outdoor furniture chair maroon black red

Before we got this, I was never huge into porch swings.  I mean, they were fine, and they can provide a pretty cool accent piece.  But honestly guys… this thing is legit comfortable.  And the middle of it folds down for a drink holder.  It really isn’t affected by time or weather like traditional wood furniture is.  And best of all, it’s easy to clean.

I remember growing up, we had this white picnic table outside.  I lived on a farm, so needless to say that thing was covered in those little black dots of fly poop all the time… and my mother would make me clean it.  It was such a pain, I hated the thing.  I never had any desire to use it simply because I didn’t want to clean it.  It wasn’t worth it.

The material that Luxcraft products are made of (recycled plastic/poly) are super easy to clean.  Seriously you can spray them off with a hose or quickly wipe it down with a wet rag.  Dirt, fly poop, bird poop, all the poop – gone.  Boom.   Why couldn’t this stuff have existed when I was young?

It’s honestly one of my favorite things we sell though.  Here’s the link to it.  It comes in all the different colors so you can match your house, pick your favorite color, match your dog, whatever.  I promise, you’ll love it as much as I do.

So once you order that, join me in dreaming of summer days.  Rocking in the swing with our little one (who will FINALLY be here!!) while the older two kids play in the backyard.  Drinking a coffee, or a glass of wine.  The kids aren’t going to be fighting, they will listen… HA! We might be getting ahead of ourselves here.  Happy dreaming everyone! 😊

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