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Explore Downtown Nashville TN

Explore Downtown Nashville TN

If you’re ever in search of a new place to explore, here’s one: Downtown Nashville. Nashville is famed as the popular home of Country Music, but less is opined about the downtown area of the city, and that’s where the real magic is.

In the whole of Tennessee, no place is more bubbling than Downtown Nashville. And that’s because there’s more to that part of town than meets the eye. While you take a trip to Nashville, take your time, and explore the following places in Downtown.

Frist Art Museum

While you’d be entranced by the live music on the streets of Downtown Nashville, you’d be blown away the exotic visual arts you’ll find at the Frist Art Museum. Located at the city’s former post office, this massive edifice boasts of marble from the 1930s.

The art museum is notable for housing temporary art collections and wonderful exhibitions of the Civil Rights movement. Some sections of this art gallery display noir images of a typical black life in Louisiana. You can also catch some Paris-themed music and art night if you’re lucky.

Pub Tour

There are so many pubs in downtown Nashville to explore. Once you take a stroll through the Honky Tonk Highway, 2nd Avenue, or Lower Broadway. Walk into any bar of your delight and order a drink or two while tapping your feet to the live music from the music bands.

It’s an opportunity to mingle with the locals and learn about their history and culture from a personal perspective. There are no charges to the uplifting live music in these bars, but who says you can’t tip them if they make an impression?

Visit the Nashville Farmers Market

One place you need to visit the Nashville Farmers Market. Located on Rosa L Parks Boulevard, this is the best place to find local fresh produce. You get an opportunity to meet the farmers who cultivated them face-to-face.

Take your time and comb through over 100 stands selling a wide variety of vegetables, bread, ingredients, foodstuff, handicrafts, artisan cheese, and lots more.

And when you’re done, you can chill off and dine at the Market House—a section of about 20 restaurants serving the best local, continental, and international dishes. You can also get access to Grow Local Kitchen—an interesting pop-up where chefs display their wonderful cooking skills. You can use the opportunity to also learn from the workshop.

All at the Nashville Farmers Market!

Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum

If you’re a lover of country music, you can’t afford to miss visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. This magnificent edifice houses over 300,000 square feet just to reveal, promote, and safeguard country music.

You’d be amazed to find artifacts such as costumes, cars of country music legends, and a special expository into the history and nature of country music till the present. You’d also be impressed to find original vocal recordings, photos, montages, and prints to enlighten and educate about this popular genre of music.

What’s more? This museum also features notable artists for live events, workshops, and interviews. Who knows? You might catch your music idol there if you’re lucky.

Tennessee Performing Arts Center

Visiting Tennessee and not paying a visit to the Performing Arts Center in DT Nashville is considered a crime. You can catch a Broadway show, ballet, or a musical concert on this gorgeous building that houses 3 complexes.

James K Polk Theater with a capacity of over 1,000 that stages comedy shows, opera concerts, and plays. The Andrew Jackson Hall, a 2,500-capacity building that offers music from Broadway, music concerts, and TV shows. The Andrew Johnson Theater, an open-floor stage housing 200 seat hosts workshops, interviews, lectures, and unplugged concerts.

All of these complexes, named after former US Presidents, is a tourist destination. You don’t want to miss it.

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