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Amusement Park - Plan A Trip to Knoxville, TN

Plan A Trip to Knoxville, TN

If you’re ever in the mood for some sightseeing, either by yourself, with friends or family members, the lovely city of Knoxville should be on the top of your ‘Places to visit’ list. This wonderful city of Knoxville, located in Tennessee, takes pride in the fact that it is blessed with beautiful landmarks that many tourists flock all season to explore.

During the Civil War, Tennessee was a key location for the battle camps. As such, there’s no shortage of historical attractions you, your family, and friends can explore.

Buckle that seat belt, book that flight ticket, because here’s what you’re bound to experience in Knoxville.

World’s Fair Park

One of the reasons tourists and adventure-seekers visit Knoxville is to see and explore the famed World’s Fair Park. This magnificent and breathtaking park was the location of the World’s Fair back in 1982. Even now, it gets massive visitors, even more than the first time it opened.

Blessed with paved walking trails, grassy knolls, and enchanting fountains, you’re bound to have a swell time when you visit during the summer. If you happen to work up a sweat due to the heat, you can cool off at the geysers that have been set up for visitors to relax and feel good.

The World’s Fair Park also has an observation patio where you can take pictures of the breathtaking Knoxville natural landscape, the Tennessee River, and even the mountains. You don’t want to miss that.

McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture

If you want to know and learn about Tennessee’s rich history and cultural background, this is the best place to explore. The first thing that’d grab your attention is the dinosaur at the entrance that dares you to enter.

You’d find antiques and artifacts that throw light into the Civil War and catch a gasp when you see the fossils of discovered dinosaur bones.

Explore Old City

Another tourist attraction is the popular Old City, a name given to the downtown area of Knoxville, known for its historical and cultural delights. You’d marvel at the timeless art galleries scattered around the city.

When you tire of exploring beautiful art pieces, you can enjoy some good Tennessee dishes at the local restaurants while listening to live music.

Tennessee Theater

The Tennessee Theater, since its establishment in 1928, is dubbed as a ‘movie palace’ by the locals. But its purpose goes beyond playing movies. The theater, depicting a Spanish-Moorish architectural style is why most tourists book a ticket to see its famed walls and take pictures of the crystal chandeliers, and Asian textiles.

The theater is another place to explore if you still want to learn about Tennessee’s culture. What’s more? If you’re lucky, you and your family can enjoy some Broadway shows, musical concerts. Meantime, the theater is open to watch some classic movies that shaped Hollywood today.

Knoxville Zoo

One of the most beautiful places to explore is the Knoxville Zoo. This is a gathering of over 1,000 animals, and if you got kids, they’d cherish some beautiful memories there. The management of this awesome place offers visitors the opportunity to have closeup encounter sessions with some of the animals.

What’s more? This wonderful facility also houses a carousel, splash pad, and a movie theater to experience excitement and fun.

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