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Advertisement - The Best Things to Do in Birmingham, AL

The Best Things to Do in Birmingham, AL

The largest city in Alabama, Central America, houses the largest population of the state. The city is most famous for its civil rights movements. Birmingham has a rich history and hosts several exciting places that you need to visit when you are there.

Sloss Furnaces

Who does not like a good spook? If you are one of those people than Sloss furnaces is the place for you. It is one most famous haunted attractions in the country. However, people now use it to hold extravagant events like festivals, seminars, public classes, educational programs, etc.

However, let me tell you the place is not haunted at all but looks haunted. The site owners have even created an urban legend around the place to scare the people. Nevertheless, some say the legend on ‘Slag’ is true.

Museum of Art

It might be the largest art museum in the country with around 26,000 exhibits. The exhibits include all kinds of art, from exquisite paintings to beautiful decorative pieces.

The best thing about the museum is that you get to a wide range of artwork. You can find older art pieces to modern art pieces. For this reason, the museum is around 70 years old. The place is for art lovers. You can get to the museum free. However, when there is some exquisite exhibition, the museum charges a small fee.

If you are a fan of Southeastern and Asian art, then the museum is a treat for you. For this reason, you will find the most extensive collection here.

The Birmingham Zoo

Birmingham zoo is the most popular attraction in the city. The half of million visitors every year is proof of it. It is one of the largest zoos in the country. It houses 230 species of animals from all continents and endangered animal species, especially African elephants. Nevertheless, they conduct various activities like slash show, giraffe feeding, and much more.

McWane Science Center

It is an excellent place for exploration. Kids of all ages and even adults will fall in love with the place. The center has different levels that feature a different aspect of science. On the first level, you can get closer to marine life. They even allow you to touch stingrays and sharks with bare hands. On the next level, you will get to see everything about dinosaurs. On the next level, you can find a cinema where you can watch the latest released movies. On the level, you will find a Café where from where you can grab some lunch.

Final Feedback

Birmingham is a great tourist city with various attractions. I only mentioned a few above. The city has everything a rich history, fun kid’s places, beautiful cafes, haunted attractions, and much more. Birmingham has something for everyone. You can come here with your family and friends.

On the other hand, it is a large city with many people, so you will get an opportunity to learn about a rich culture.

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