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Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids


Kids bring more joy (and stress) to life than you ever thought possible. One of the best experiences is to laugh and play with them. Depending on their age groups, it can be hard to come up with activities to do together that are fun for both parties. Especially with the way the world is right now, we need to have exciting things to do with our kids. You might be left scratching your head at what to plan, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We’ve found some fun activities to do with your kids that will make this time the best it can be. 

Pick an Age Group

The age group of your kids is really important here. If you have a 14-year-old, they probably won’t want to play hide and seek. Do you see what I mean? If your kids are old enough to talk about their interests, then ask them what they want to do. It will be a bonding experience because they will appreciate you doing what they love. On that note,  if you have several kids in different age groups, finding something for all of you to do that would be fun is the best option. If you’re stuck and need some fresh ideas, we have some amazing options for you below. 

Play Board Games

A great way to get the whole family to sit down together is a family board game night. You can find games for all ages so no one is left out! The best way to do this if you have multiple kids is to have them pick their favorite game to play. You can spend the night laughing about funny words in Scrabble or deciding who lost in Uno. 


A really easy and fun activity is tie-dying. It’s a great way to have you and your kids show off some artistic flair. And let’s be honest, we all love a tie-dyed shirt, right? Even toddlers can do it as long as your helping them so its fun for the whole family. 

Playing with Bubbles

Bubbles! They can take a boring afternoon and make it special and filled with laughter. This activity is best for younger kids but any age group can get into it. Extra points if you try to compete and blow the biggest bubbles possible!

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Get your swimsuits on and be ready to battle it out with water balloons! This is one of my favorites because it’ll make your kids laugh and bring out the kid in you. Be careful though, they might gang up on you! 

Make Slime or Play-Doh

Making slime or play-doh is pretty simple and can be hours of fun for all of you. There are many recipes for slime, but to be safe with younger kids, make one without borax like this one. Play-Doh is also super simple to make and inexpensive. Heres a great play-doh recipe


Baking can be a lot of fun with any age group. You can ask them to help with certain steps if they are younger or have your older kids pick their recipe to see whose is better. While having fun, you can pass down some family recipes to your kids for heartwarming memories. 

Play Heads Up and Movie Night

Movies are a staple everywhere. Have all of your kids pick their favorite and watch them all back to back with some movie theater snacks! For the intermission, play Heads Up by Ellen Degeneres. Its an app on your phone where one person is having to guess what item or person you are describing. Its a lot of fun and will have you cry laughing all night. 

Nothing beats spending time with your kids. And now you have a lot more fun activities to check out! Go have some fun and make the best memories with your family. 

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