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fun fall activities for kids

Fall Activities for Kids Under 10 That Like Crafts

If there’s one thing kids love doing apart from running tirelessly around the house, is drawing. The sight of a crayon gives them some form of high as they go look for a sheet of paper or book and let out their creative juices and transform their imaginations into visual arts.

With fall just around the corner, it makes perfect sense to engage your kids in some activities that will not only be fun but educative and inspire them to paint more canvas. Below are some fall activities you can engage underaged kids that love drawing.

Cardboard Box Coloring.

If you’ve got excess cardboard boxes or empty cartons lying around in your basement or storeroom, now’s the time to bring them out. Put your toddler inside the box and give him or her some crayons. Watch from a safe distance as they work their magic and create a masterpiece inside the box.

Bathtub designs.

Select just any day and inform your kids that they’re going to paint…on the bathtub! Give them a box of crayons and watch them go.

Ensure that the crayons are safe products for kids and they can be easily wiped off, to save you the stress of scrubbing the bathtub for several hours after they’re done.

Make-a-face drawings.

This particular one involves telling your kids to draw themselves. To spice it up, you can tell them to draw the Mummy’s and Daddy’s faces and prepare some cookies while they work. At the end of the day, you’d be impressed by the level of detail (or the lack thereof) that your kids pour into their work.

Drive-in movie.

For this exercise to work, you have to get some cartons available for the kids. Inform them that they’d be watching their favorite cartoon show, but they must drive their own cars to the venue.

Provide them with the boxes and allow them to style and draw designs on their ‘cars’.

Tissue box drawing.

Another way you can engage your kids who drawing is to hand them the tissue box for the creative experiment. It’s an unusual item to start with. Kids will be intrigued by the prospect of drawing on a box that will be seen every day. It will definitely challenge them to draw or paint something beautiful on the box.

At the end of the day, you can proudly hang the painted masterpiece inside your bathroom and feel good about it.

Let them paint their sporting toys. If your kid is a sucker for sports and makes good drawings at the same time, you should introduce their toys to them to paint. For instance, a graffiti painted football will be the envy of your kid’s schoolmates.

Give them drawing prompts every day.

One of the ways your kids will take advantage of drawing and creative arts is for you to constantly give them drawing prompts. While some of the prompts may center around simple creatures to draw. Others may include drawings that may not be readily drawn. But they’d be happy to try out their skills.

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