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Food - Games to Play at Your Next BBQ Party

Games to Play at Your Next BBQ Party

What can be more entertaining than enjoying a BBQ party with your friends? Organizing some fun outdoor games for adults will spice up your BBQ night. A party without games will be dry and dull. To enjoy every minute of your night, add different activities to your party plan for your guest. Everyone loves the outdoor games for adults; arrange some activities in your backyard, and try to keep them challenging to win so that it can add to the fun and excitement. 

The following are some BBQ games that can lighten up your night with cheerfulness.


Volleyball is one of the best outdoor games for adults. It’s a backyard classic that you can enjoy in your BBQ party with peers and family. If you want to make it more interesting, keep the teams small. But you can always choose as many members as you want. Moreover, rotate players so that everyone can taste the joy of this game.

If you are inexperienced, then opt for the beach ball. It will be less technical but keep the rhythm of the game. Make sure that you have proper lighting in your backyard to see the ball at night time.

Water Balloon Fight

You can make your backyard a battleground of water balloons if you are planning to have a BBQ party in summers. This game is always fun for adults and children. Make teams based on the colors of the balloons and start the fight. 

You don’t need to fill up each balloon. Purchase balloons that you can fill up in bulk, which are easily available in the market. 

Drunk Waiter

Make your BBQ party exciting and joyous with outdoor drinking games for adults. In this game, you have to spin around while holding anything above your head. You can’t stop until counted to 10; balancing the object will be a challenge. Then, grasp a tray filled with water glass and run towards the finish line. The goal of the game is to take the tray to the finish line without tumbling. 

To increase the difficulty level, drink the water from the glass before each turn. You can substitute it with other drinks. Make sure to play on the grassy or sandy place to avoid any bruises from falling.


This is the combo of a drinking game and Frisbee. You need to throw the Frisbee 50 feet across a “court” into the gap between the other teams can. The player will get three points if they exactly toss the Frisbee in the slot –two points for directly hitting the can, and one point for dinging the can. 

The player will have to drink after every target miss and every deflection. This way, you can have a wonderful and long afternoon. Make sure to arrange lights in the playing area so that you can see a can resting 50 feet away.

Bottom Line

A BBQ party without fighting on a game is worthless. The games add a color in the day, and the party becomes more memorable. Outdoor drinking games for adults are one of the thrilling ones. So, to make your night amazing, play the games mentioned above and enjoy your meal.

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