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Furniture - Give Your Patio A Rustic Makeover for Summer

Give Your Patio A Rustic Makeover for Summer


Summer is almost here. You can almost feel the balmy air pulsating through your nostrils, the sound of cheers resonating at the far recesses of your mind. We can’t help but admit that summer is one of the best times of the year. It gives you an opportunity to connect with friends, colleagues, and folks over BBQs and drinks in the mix. 

Hence, the need for your patio to be refreshed for summer cannot be overemphasized. Your patio is an extension of your indoor living space. Thus, it must reflect your personality, style, and taste. How do you go about giving your patio a rustic makeover for summer?

Take out everything. 

The first step to giving your patio a makeover is to start from the scratch: leave it bare. Take out everything from the patio and arrange them in a pile at one corner. Involve your family or get help from the neighbors if some of the outdoor furniture is heavy in weight. 

You should be careful in relocating these items, because some of them may be invaluable and fragile. 

Decide on what to keep

With all the furniture kept at the side, inspect each item properly, and decide whether you want to keep or toss them away. Redundant outdoor furniture should have no place in your outdoor living space. 

Clean the area. 

With everything out of the way, take your time, and clean the entire space. From the ceiling to the floor, dust everywhere. For nooks and crannies, make use of an extension hose or crevice tool. Vacuum and sweep the grime off the floor. 

After that is completed, remove the window screens if you can and wash it clean with a rag and soapy water. Wash the doors and mob the entire floor. You can consider pressure-washing if the patio looks really unkempt. 

Paint, paint, paint. 

What’s the next action to take with your patio looking sparkling clean? Make it pop! Painting your patio gives it a new look and boost its appeal. Make use of high-quality paints to bring your creativity to life. 

Revamp your furniture. 

Your patio is now not only looking pristine but beautiful. It’s now time to furnish the space with brand new outdoor furniture. And nothing says “brand new” more than Luxcraft Adirondack chairs. Buying these chairs for your patio is a good investment in beauty and durability. 

Made from recycled plastic, these chairs come in several colors and styles for any theme you’re going with. Another reason to opt for them is that they can withstand harsh weather conditions, and still maintain their lovely color. 

Plus, they’re eco-friendly—since they can be recycled if damaged. They are also a good choice for kids as they contain no sharp edges.

Get a Luxcraft Porch swing 

Porch swings are a lovely addition to any patio. Luxcraft Porch swings are not only stylish but can blend in with the existing décor. Plus, they are comfortable for relaxing with someone or by yourself. With a porch swing, your rustic makeover is complete, and you start getting your grill out. 

Giving your patio a new look isn’t as daunting as it might seem. Follow these simple steps to transform your outdoor living space as you prepare for the happy season.

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