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Taking Care of Your Teak Dining Set

Taking Care of Your Teak Dining Set

Why do people choose teak wood when they’re shopping for outdoor furniture? To put it simply: durability. It’s naturally dense. Historically, teak has been valued for these features and used in shipbuilding, home flooring, and furniture. Teak wood has natural oils that keep water out. Insects like termites and don’t tend to make their homes in it either. 

An investment in teak furniture is just that - an investment. It will require light upkeep to continue looking beautiful year after year. When you leave the furniture outside, it will slowly transition from the golden color to a soft grey. This process is called patina and is normal. Something to consider is your climate. If you live in a place with extreme cold or heat, the temperatures could cause the wood to crack. To make your outdoor teak dining set last longer, it is recommended that you cover it or bring it to an indoor space when it’s not in use. 

How to care for teak outdoor furniture

Taking good care of your teak furniture ensures that it will last year after year despite the patina process. These rituals are not difficult and all you need is teak oil, a cloth, and some free time. We promise it’s easy!

Cleaning your teak wood

Did someone spill sauce or a drink on your table? Don’t use regular household cleaners on your teak wood. Why? Many heavy-duty household cleaners contain harsh, grease-cutting ingredients that will break down the natural oils in the wood and lead to weakening it. Teak can also develop mold and mildew in certain climates. Resist the urge to use vinegar or other mold-killing solutions. 

To clean your teak wood mold and mildew, you can use a mild soap (not dish soap) and a toothbrush. Use the brush with the grain and gently work out the stain. If you’re doing an overall seasonal clean, purchase a cleaner that is specially formulated for teak. This will gently lift out the stain without disturbing the natural oils in the wood. 

Teak Wood Maintenance 

Teak sealant will last a full year and it is recommended that you follow this schedule to keep your wood in good condition. Keep in mind that the sealer and teak oil do not prevent the greying process, you will need a little extra elbow grease to get your teak back to honey brown.

To apply teak sealant, make sure the furniture has spent ample time outdoors in the sun to open up the grain. Next, spray the furniture with sealer and rub it in with a soft cloth. Not leaving it in the sun can cause the sealer to not adhere correctly. Once you’ve applied the sealer, the furniture will retain this color. If you prefer the grey color, wait to apply the sealer to retain that aesthetic. 

Sanding Teak Wood

Did you run out of time to seal your teak when it was honey brown and now it has turned grey? No need to worry because it is possible to reverse this. Use a sander or very fine sandpaper on it to reveal the original color underneath. After you’ve done this, add the sealer and you’re good to go. 

Teak furniture is an excellent investment and will look beautiful in your backyard year after year. Let our team at The Porch Swing Store help you design the perfect outdoor space with top-quality products and services.

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