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Grass - How to decorate your porch for fall in 4 steps.

How to decorate your porch for fall in 4 steps.

How to decorate your porch for fall in 4 steps.A porch is more than just an entrance to a house- it’s an entrance to a slower, more intentional life. Whether you’re in Texas, Pennsylvania, or Alaska, it is an American tradition to treat your porch like an introduction to your home and by extension, your family. Welcome mats, stars in the windows, potted plants, and wicker furniture are just a few of the ways that millions extend a warm invitation to their home.

Sidewalks are populated by more than just joggers and dog-walkers. Your porch is where you meet your community. Soon, people will grace their stoops with pumpkins, halloween decorations, and (you know it’s coming) string lights. So how can you make your porch stand out, and what will keep visitors coming back?


It can be difficult to bring splashes of color to your porch without replacing your table set, porch swing, or glider. Flowers offer the opportunity of a porch trifecta- shade, sights, and scents. They’re more than just a conversation piece. Flowers and plants offer two insights to your would-be guests. First, plants don’t last forever! The homeowner wants people to see and smell them before they’re gone, and so they’re welcoming in nature. Second, flowers often need watered on a weekly basis. Tending to them demonstrates the investment you’re making to keep your porch a delightful destination. Here are a few flowers you can use to bring some color to your porch:

  • Oriental Lilies - Pink Accents
  • Chrysanthemum - Orange Accents
  • Nippon Daisies - White Accents
  • Celosia - Fall color accents (yes, all of them!)

Embrace a theme.

When we consider the home decor of our living rooms, dining rooms, or kitchens, we wouldn’t imagine doing it without a theme or color scheme. But when we approach our porches, it’s often treated as a loosely-coordinated and budgeted endeavor. Patterns in your pillows and contrast on your cushions are just a few ways to make your porch more inviting! Check out this list for suggestions to bring the entrance to your home a fresh look.

Adorn your door.

Your front door is how your guests get their first look at your home. For instance, a colorful wreath in the center of the door with short, slim trees potted on the ground introduces them to a well-kept and organized home, which makes a great first impression for the rest of the house.

  • Make the space appear larger by spreading out your porch decorations.
  • Give your guests a cozy feeling by tightening the space between the door and your porch decorations and using a larger door decoration.
  • Leaving the door’s window panes open is becoming less popular, so finding a set of blinds that transition from your porch to your entrance space is a great look.

Hang wind chimes or a bird feeder. For You.

Decorating your porch isn’t always for an audience. It’s your porch, and you spend the most time there. Wind chimes and bird feeders are for when you’re alone or with your family. Hearing the birds sing or the chimes play can turn your time on the old porch swing from a pastime to moments of bliss. They encourage the most important element of your home to be present on that porch: you.

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