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Building - Little Rock Arkansas in 48 Hours

Little Rock Arkansas in 48 Hours

Fancy a 2-day weekend vacation at a tourist destination you haven’t been to? Want to experience a truckload of fun under a limited time frame? You have an answer: Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Regarded as the populous city in the whole of Arkansas, Little Rock doubles as the state capital. As such, you’re bound to find a lot of historical landmarks, natural attractions, and scenic places to visit. In 48 hours, you can make the best of your time in Little Rock when you visit. 

Here are some places to check out:

Tour the museums. 

There are so many museums to check out when you visit Little Rock? Is it possible to see all of them in 48 hours? Well, you decide. 

The Old State House Museum, located on West Markham Street is one of the oldest state Capitol buildings, and famous for hosting President Bill Clinton’s election night celebration back in 1992. Constructed between 1833 and 1842, this museum currently houses a wonderful array of art pieces and artifacts that promotes Arkansas' rich history. 

The Museum of Discovery is the oldest museum in the state capital. As the name already suggests, this museum houses a natural science and history facility. In there, you’d find over 14,000 artifacts of cultural importance to the good people of Arkansas. The museum hosts field trips yearly and can be leased for birthday parties and wedding anniversaries. 

The ESSE Purse Museum is the only art building in the whole of the US dedicated to the history and evolution of purses and handbags. This places features purses from 1900-1999, a century worth of antiques. 

The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum is also another place to check out when you visit Little Rock. This gigantic edifice houses the office of the Clinton Foundation as well as the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service. That’s not all. This building contains a replica of the Oval Office and White House Cabinet Room. And yes, visitors are allowed to enter and take pictures. 

Pay a visit to the Rock Town Distillery. 

The best place to learn how wheat, corn, and rye can be transformed into gin and vodka is the Rock Town Distillery. The tours take about 90 minutes to complete. You will learn, see, experience the transformation process from grain to glass. The unique tour ends with a walk to the gift shop where you can get your hands on amazing products for affordable prices. 

The Arkansas Repertory Theater. 

The Arkansas Repertory Theater, located on Main Street, is a historic center that hosts a lot of productions including classical music, contemporary comedies, stage dramas, and music shows. The theater also hosts educational programs such as the Student Matinee Program and the Young Artist Program. If you’re lucky during your 2-day visit, you can catch a production taking place. 

South on Main

A trip to Little Rock is not complete without a visit to South on Main. The enchanting décor will definitely suck you to savor in its atmosphere. This place hosts movie screenings, electrifying jazz shows, and book readings hosted by the Oxford American Magazine. 

What’s more? This wonderful place serves the best southern dishes for your munching pleasure. 

Little Rock, Arkansas is just the perfect city to be in when you plan to vacation for a couple of days.

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