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Person - Meditation Tips to Keep You Grounded 

Meditation Tips to Keep You Grounded 

There will always be days where you feel out of place inwardly. You can feel it deep within you that you’re out of your element, out of control, and if this is not properly curtailed will reflect on the outside and ruin your day.

And there’s no better time to avoid these issues from ever happening than the present; by engaging in a series of activities called grounding. 

Grounding means to become more aware of the present, and by so doing, will calm your mind. Grounding is typically subdivided into two parts:

  • Connecting yourself to your earth: This makes you more obvious of the force gravitating inside you and keeping you rooted to Mother Earth.
  • Connecting yourself to your body: This makes you more aware of the present. Frankly, most of us choose to focus on yours, and this makes to analyze past occurrences and contemplate how future events would be. This makes your body feel out of place, as it doesn’t well on your thoughts but rather on the present. 

Grounding makes you more aware of what is happening around you, provides soothing to the nervous system, and offer physical and emotional balance. The Porch Swing Store explores tips you can carry out to stay grounded. 


A great exercise places your body in a balanced state. From workouts to yoga, jogging, swimming, this exercise gives you the kick to balance your body. As your body responds to the physical exercise, it becomes well-grounded.

Food and water 

Simple activities such as feeding your body and drinking water are one crucial process of grounding. They do not only give you physical strength and vitality but provides a deeper connection to the earth. 

Spend time outdoors

Spending much of your time outdoors, surrounded by nature can aid you in your grounding process. Try as much as possible to avoid distractions, and spend time in the woods, at the mountains, your own backyard, or at the bank of a river and just sit down and reflect quietly. It’s a wonderful grounding experience. 

Start planting

Surrounding yourself with positive energy is another vital process of being grounded. Plants are one of the major sources of positive energy; it is only natural to have them grow around you. Order some plants home or make a garden outside, plant and nurture them.

Be aware of the signs

As you begin your journey of being grounded, it is important to take note of the signs that show you aren’t grounded anymore. Common signs of disconnect include weight gain, dizziness, forgetfulness, and increased daydreaming. 

Make it a point of duty to always check for these signs to create them appropriately. 

Salt bath

Another tip of staying grounded is to draw a warm bath and fill it with some of your favorite salts. Himalayan and Epsom salts are examples of salts that have healing and restorative properties. On the plus side, this process is also known to get rid of negative energy. 

Try chocolate 

Eating raw chocolate is a great way to stay physically grounded. Raw chocolates are known to aid you in the grounding process by connecting your physical and mental states together. 

Staying grounded is a uniquely personal process to keep your mind and body fixated on the present and provide that internal balance that your body desires. The aforementioned tips, when practiced, are surefire ways to become grounded.  

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