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Bright and Modern Design Ideas For Your Small Space

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Bright and Modern Design Ideas For Your Small Space

If you stumbled on this page looking for a design idea for your small living room or bedroom space, you’re in the right place. Small space annoyingly looks and feels cramped for no reason. There’s always a constant struggle when you want to navigate around these spaces.

There’s also the problem of inviting friends or colleagues over when your living room is small in size. With the room looking clustered, no one would fancy the idea of paying you another visit.

After reading this article, these problems will become a thing of the past as you’ll learn the various modern design ideas you can incorporate to beautify and optimize your living room space.

There are different types of modern designs available to incorporate into your small space. We’ll be exploring each of them.

Mid-century modern design

Mid-century modern design is one of the home decor styles you can incorporate to your small space. This design which became popular in the ‘40s through the ‘60s is a home décor that is still being fused into large rooms and small spaces. If you want your home to reflect simplicity, ease, and functionality, then this is your best bet.

How to achieve the mid-century modern look

If you want to pull the mid-century design look for small space, follow these simple steps.

California Modern Design

Another home design that you can infuse into your small space is the California modern design. This home design is a common theme in California houses, displaying eclectic touches, splashes of nature and style.

How to achieve the Californian modern design:

Follow these simple steps to pull off the California modern design.

  • Invest in rustic seating furniture. Rustic furniture creates the impression of elegance and style even if your living room is small. The A & L Furniture Hickory Rocking Chair or the Crestview Collection Hillcrest Rustic Frame & Pattern Chair is thankfully available for you to order.
  • White walls. One common theme in California modern design is the walls are windows are painted white. Combined with the natural light, your cramped room will look spacious and classy.
  • Add decorative pillows. Decorative pillows take the vibrancy of your small space up a notch. We’ve got a wide variety of pillows available that will match your style.

Contemporary Designs

Contemporary design is an ever-evolving home design that draws inspirations from several pre-existing home designs with a little bit of modernism and futurism. If you want your living room to look cool with a richness in the details, incorporate this home design.

How to achieve Contemporary modern design

To achieve this design in your home, practice these simple tips:


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